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I don't think anyone has touched on the subject of what is 'obese'. If it's based on the outdated BMI scale then the results are to be taken with a pinch of salt. Fit athletes with large muscle mass and perhaps as little as 15% body fat can be recorded as grossly obese while an unfit person who has little muscle mass and 35% body can have a lower enough BMI to pass as...
13:52 Fri 01st Mar 2024

And goverment fail time and time again to control the rubbish going into our food, hence leading to, in many cases higher cancer rates. They now want to tax unhealthy vapes but still choose to ignore high sugar and salt foods that are crippling the NHS budget???

What? It's the Government's fault that fat bloaters are stuffing themselves with 'wrong' food?


The Government can be blamed for lots of things, but blaming fat people on the Government is a stretch. 

Stop producing poor quality manufactured food. The Western diet...meaning that of the US and other similarly advanced countries is terrible. Relying more and more on fast food, ready meals and the like. Its been shown that obesity and diabetes has increased substantially in countries that have moved from traditional/aboriginal diets to a typical Western one...importing it because the demand for it has increased.

It's back to encouraging eating and cooking with fresh food. There's plenty written about this, but people are either lazy or lack the knowledge and skills.

There was an article in the Mail yesterday...the writer attempted to eat a day's worth of meals made without ultra processed food. When she complained that her chicken was dry because she couldn't buy a suitable heart sank. She also commented that it had cost her £30...nevermind the majority of what she had bought...porridge oats,honey, yogurt, bread, eggs, and a number of other ingredients...would last and be used for many more meals. And dont get me started on the pre prepared fruit!

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This is not merely a UK issue it's much wider than that there are now over a billion fatties. It's sad that so many are starving an so many are fat. There needs to be world wide cooperation to address this problem.

//And goverment fail time and time again to control the rubbish going into our food//


People are responsible for what they put into their own mouths - not the government.

Yes people are reap for what they eat, but the government could issue guidelines to the manufacturers. Do we really need a Kit Kat cereal, for example?

Goverment are responsible for public health. ( Food Standard Agency) 

There isn't an answer.  If they are happy what's the problem? But I admit to feeling very sad about obese children who are over fed and get no exercise due to bad parenting.  

As for them costing the NHS a fortune.  Strange that -Perhaps a good thing would be to look at NHS Nurses and doctors first.  Many of them nowadays are very overweight.  

Some countries still see what we  call overweight as being attractive.  As we get older it's natural to put on weight and skinnies are more at risk from bone disorders. (And they look older and more wrinkly)


Starvation is obviously a worse problem worldwide.

//Goverment are responsible for public health. ( Food Standard Agency) //


There's mounds of information available.  No one has any excuse for choosing to eat unhealthily - or for feeding their children unhealthily.  

//Goverment are responsible for public health. ( Food Standard Agency) //

Yes but not what you put in your gate.  Are you expecting the Government to kill off all poisinous plants?

Take some responsibility.

Take aways don't help. I know many people who have eaten breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks yet come late evening, maybe after a few drinks, they think nothing of ordering a pizza, curry, kebab or whatever they fancy to be delivered.  How can the government regulate that?

For once I agree with CountryLover.

I dont think there is an answer.

A World war would sort it as food would become short, but that would not be good of course.

TTT 10.40. Yes it is a problem in other countries, but thats no excuse to not start doing something about it here in the UK. I believe its now costing the NHS about 7/8 billion a year to treat. Here we are again trying to treat  with medications instead of tackling the cause.

Go to school with 2 bags of crisps or 2 bananas?

1 x pack of 6 crisps now around £1.50 / £1.70 depending what brand.

You can buy 2 kilos of bananas for around £1.80, 90p kilo. No salt, only all the good things for a healthy child or adult.

Few seem to cook from scratch now and I think that's probably one of the main problems.  They shove a pizza or a ready pie and some chips in the oven and that's that.

So should we ban crisps or double their price with a salt tax? There's no need for more education...people know already.

Maybe we should follow Japan's model where daily exercise is compulsory in work and schools; employers are fined if their employees have waists bigger than the target measurement and being fat is largely viewed as unacceptable.



//mployers are fined if their employees have waists bigger //

Thats going to cost The Met then!

11.06 NMA. Ban? No. Give your child bags of crisps every day then feed them pizza and ( chips) at night with NO PE at school leads to fat kids, very fat kids addicted to salt. Its more expensive to buy take away and ready meals than ever before. The reason kids want no end of crisps is because of the salt, and theres only about 23/ 25 grams of potatoe in each bag. That wont fill you up.

Rather than people taking a bit of responsibility for themselves, it appears some want the Govt to tackle the 'wrong' foods - that's nuts.


I love a kebab, especicially after a few beers, a ruby and a chinkie........occasionally as a treat. The trouble is some people think of fast food as a staple; there's a KFC near where I work and the size of some of the people coming out with buckets of chicken is astonishing - most of them are lardy, but some of them are freak-show fat.


Even stupid people must surely know eating crap 7 days a week is bad for them.

I think some on here are judgemental to say the least about individual responsibility. Food is not just about eating to live...and the big food manufacturers know this. Certain ingredients in combination are addictive and can have the same effect on the brain as nicotine or alcohol. Hence so much ready prepared food that is deemed nicer...tastier...easier...than what could be made at home. Food also represents comfort, and pleasing memories...or, it's used to get through bad times. Its always a hug for some.

Blame for food choices doesn't get us anywhere. Neither does blaming the government. 

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