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gulliver1 | 12:21 Sat 02nd Mar 2024 | News
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The RAF Retires 30 'Quick reaction alert ' Typhoon jets .

It's just like scrapping Spitfires before the Battle of Britain These jets are used to protect the skies over Britain from attacks from the likes of Putin .Has that numpty Grant Shapps been meddling.



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The problem being OG is that these planes don't come anywhere near end of life, and once they are taken out of service they will become scrap. When you have someone like Shapps in charge of defence with absolutely no military experience we are in deep trouble. He's not even experienced a weekend away with the boy scouts. Not sure if there's anyone in government...
16:29 Sat 02nd Mar 2024


Justin Bronk – [Senior Research Fellow for Airpower and Technology, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI)] – who acknowledged that there was a valid argument (as made by the MOD) that ‘the money you would spend keeping them going could be better spent elsewhere’ but agreed that for the combat-capable Tranche 1s ‘there is definitely an argument’ for mothballing.”

Looks like the Wing Commander is going to have his wings plucked. Oven ready :0)

Pegasus, I can't really find what their plans are, just that Hunt is refusing to give them more money. I thought perhaps the RAF was going to be like those enthusiasts who queue up every time a new iPhone goes on sale, but it doesn't appear they're looking to buy more recent planes or to update the current ones. But selling them off years ahead of time seems inherently unwise.

And the Russians do still appear to be nosing around

Thanks Jno, will have a read of your posted link later, ta very much.

When you pinch words in your OP from other sources it's polite to at least put them in quotes rather then imply they are your words least it is for posters with a modicum of self respect.

His OP was the link that folk keep moaning about, did you not work that out? 

'He' hasn't put a link. It's the spitfires comment I'm referring to - haven't you worked that out?

No nicebloke, there was no link in the OP. gulliver never does them Maybe gulliver doesn't want us to see what his local newspaper is

I provided a link a few hours back.

I know. nicebloke said there was a link in the OP- I was just correcting nicebloke's (let's be kind) 'error'

Your solution Nicebloke?

Question Author

Douglas 20.00  Spot on . I was thinking the same.

I've heard of cocaine addics but never link addics. :0))))

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What is needed now is for Boris with his white builders hat on and high viz vest, standing outside Downing St rattling his collection tin saying help us save the Typhoons.🤣

21.22 Here's your long awaited solution lovey. Get rid of Shapps, in fact the whole government. Not to long to wait for that to happen.:0)

I guess you meant addicts, nicebloke.  Some are Answerbank addicts- they get banned but keep coming back



The next time someone says to you 'a penny for your thoughts', sell.



Question Author

NMA 21.47 Good Question,,,I often wonder how many user names you were disguised under before re/joining Ab only a few months ago .Kind of like on the 9th Oct last year.

Nice to see you have given your alter ego, nicebloke1 best answer as you usually do gulliver.

5.49. I might spend a penny or two in Lanzarote this year and sit in the sun. :0))

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