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Rule, Britannia! (Not)

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Roobaba | 12:50 Sun 21st Jan 2024 | News
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Rule, Britannia! makes people uncomfortable

How about you.. how do you feel?




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It might make him feel uncomfortable but he doesn't speak for everyone.  I love it!

If he wasn't prepared to stay to the end he shouldn't have been invited to play.  Who cares about his woke nonsense?

I feel he needs to develop more tolerance and review his interpretation on the song. It is traditional at the Proms and supports our nation by dinging it's praises. If he finds it offensive maybe he is in the wrong job, and possibly the wrong country.


This sort of nonsense should not be given the publicity on a news site, nor, for that matter, a public forum. It just encourages these digs at our country.

... SINGING...

If you don't like it don't attend.   If you don't like the place, live elsewhere. If you don't want to watch and hear it on the tellybox - switch over. Stop trying to outlaw the many things that most people love.

People who find RB uncomfortable make me uncomfortable, burger off to a country you like then sunshine.

"Kanneh-Mason was a soloist at the Last Night of the Proms last year. But he said he did not stay to hear Rule, Britannia! being sung at the end of the night......

Kanneh-Mason was 17 when he won the BBC Young Musician Award in 2016 and, two years later, he shot to fame when he played the cello at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding.

Growing up in Nottingham, he was part of a musical family and started having cello lessons when he was just six years old."

From the BBC website.

He doesn't seem to be intolerant, or trying to outlaw anything. But Frank Doberman and others are now telling him to leave the country.

I would expect it to be more like pointing out his option to go elsewhere since he seems unhappy being in a patriotic country.

He's entitled to feel uncomfortable.

Others of us are entitled to enjoy it.

As long as many in attendance are waving an EU flag to wind-up the gammons – it’s OK by me.

Waving the flag of a trading bloc.

Not a country.

//waving an EU flag//

London "bubble" remoaners!


I must say that I don't find the words to the song particularly offensive. But I certainly wouldn't try to deprive anyone who thinks otherwise of the right to exercise their freedom of speech. I wouldn't suggest they should leave the country because of their view; that I do find offensive.

Naomi; what's your favourite verse?

Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, so that will be the navy that helped end slavery.

No 's' in "Rule", Webbo.

The song is exhorting B to rule the waves, not claiming that it does so.

 I think Rule Britannia shows that although  some Britains had been enslaved in the past the captors would never break our spirits and turn us  into slaves again. We would never be broken again,no matter what happened  and we would overcome any adversity that  stood in our way. 

Quite! But like all poetic writings it can be pored over by future 'scholars' to read things into it. A bit like the Bible and the Koran.

White slavery, where Europeans were being kidnapped by the Barbary Pirates,  from coastal towns all around  Europe happened just before Rule Britannia was written. . It wasn't fantasy. Italy was the most affected country. Then there was Iceland ,Spain, Ireland and the UK.amongst other countries. Sailors were captured and taken back to Morocco. In Cornwall, churches were broken into whilst people were worshipping and some of them were also kidnapped. Ships and their crews. Rule Britannia was probably written in defiance and to show that we would never let such atrocities happen again. 

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Rule, Britannia! (Not)

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