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It was done to stop her killing herself with her clothes apparently.

What's a man to do when dealing with deranged youth?

No female staff available, danger of girl harming herself using her clothing.  The thought of men restraining and stripping a young woman is sickening and outrageous but I wonder what the options were?  Can they use straightjackets or other physical restraints?

Question Author

Sounds like a bunch of perverts taking advantage of the situation to me. Surely they could have restraints they could use. There must be something short of what they did.

How can she use her clothes to kill herself if several men are holding her down?

Question Author

Exactly naomi, this whole episode stinks.

I don't know what restraints they are allowed to use 

How long can they hold her down?  

Don't forget people have died in physical restraint, in prison and in police custody blocks.

The report says there were 'multiple men'.  I'd say there's a good chance that she couldn't fight them off.

yes - they could have just let her hang herself couldn't they 🙄

Not sure having men sitting atop a writhing teen until suicidal tendecies abate is the best use of already stretched resources.

If she'd managed to kill herself the outcry would have been even worse.

Question Author

have a day off dave. Are we seriously meant to believe this was the only way? Surely they have some straps, even an old fashioned straight jacket. Like I said, sounds like a perverts convention.

Question Author

What about sedation? I thought that was an option.

Are they allowed to use them, though?  This wouldn't be an adult prison.  Can anyone find out what forms of restraints are permitted?

People on suicide watch have died by strangling themselves with their clothing whilst in bed, hiding under their bedding.  Hard to imagine, hard to prevent.  

Were any medics available? Can prison officers administer sedation? 

It seems to me that it is basically the system at fault. If you mix male and femail prisoners in the same complex then you need sufficient male and female staff available at all times. This is something the management should have anticipated and prepared for. By the time it's too late there are no good options left. One may draw one's own beliefs regarding the situation, but it should never have been allowed to develop.

Are they mixing male and female prisoners in the same prison?  

The female staff at this prison weren't available because they had been assaulted.  

The headline in that news report may be misleading - 'incredibly vulnerable' doesn't necessary mean incredibly frail.

This 17 year old boy was classed as vulnerable due to autism



As I understand it she had assaulted the female staff so the men stepped in.



I think we all know how difficult it can be to deal with a stubborn, determined and wilful person online far never mind in an actual physical encounter.

Reasoning sometimes isn't an option.

They clearly are mixing sex at the same complex as the situation couldn't arise otherwise.


The women were assaulted ? What sort of female staff are they recruiting ? Male staff have to deal with potential assault from male prisoners, but recruited female staff are too delicate to cope with the same issue from female prisoners ? Surely not.

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Surely This Is A Criminal Offence.

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