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How To Make Sure There Wont Be A May Election.....

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ToraToraTora | 10:51 Tue 05th Mar 2024 | News
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Are these Labour eejits for real? Do they seriously think they can wish an election to happen in May? They've just made sure it won't be in May. October is favourite.



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Perhaps they preferred a non-May election. Who knows ?

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ahh you mean they are trying to be clever!

Unless some miraculous thing happens to suddenly make the govt popular before May, it ain't going to be May, and everyone knows it.

Unlikely to be May, I too go with the Oct/Nov dates.

Most back from hols and before the real bad weather starts to try and get people to turn out.

The TINO's will be out of luck and out of office though.

Does it matter?

The Conservatives are not ready now, and unlikely to be in a better position in the autumn.

I don't think the election will be in May but I'm not sure the fact the Labour have said there will be would be enough to prevent it.

one unnamed Labour MP says he thinks it will be in May, and that will have made up Sunak's mind?  Pretty smart deployment by Starmer if that's all it takes.

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How To Make Sure There Wont Be A May Election.....

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