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Stupid Hunt..

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gulliver1 | 11:38 Tue 05th Mar 2024 | News
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Jeremy Hunt has donated £100,000 of his own money to the Conservative Party, to try and boost his re-election chances.Amid concerns that he will struggle to retain his seat at the GE. After realising he could become the very first Chancellor in modern times to lose his seat at a GE...



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Surely you mean Imac.

His money, his choice.

Who or what is, "Imac"?

There's an obvious gambling disorder going on here. He's in need of a urgent counsellor before he starts gambling with tax payers funds. Oh,hang on, thats already gone. :0)

Question Author

This tells you everything you need to know about the desperate state of The Con Party with their very own Chancellor dishing out personal cheques to prolong his political career... instead of trying to fix the Economy he and his fellow Cons have wrecked.

"Who or what is, "Imac"?"

I think it's a cream to remove unsightly politicians.

I do also have problems cracking TTT codes?

It's not a code.....think it through.....

-- answer removed --

even gully gets it!

Question Author

TTT 11.21  "Imac"  is just TTT Describing Himself.

All in all its a perfect example of what the cons are about. If I can't win power by fare means, I will buy it. Conclusion, power mad millionairs.

I'm struggling to find any logic whatsoever in this OP.  How will a donation to the Conservative Party encourage the electorate to vote for him?

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I bet all those people in Hunts constituency who are struggling to pay their bills wish they has the odd £100,000 to give away ...I think Hunt has just done a true Blue job of shooting himself in the foot. Again .

Naomi: "I'm struggling to find any logic whatsoever in this OP. " - It's a gully post, you find anything like that!

Gulliver, where is the logic in your OP?

Question Author

Naomi 11,54 Best you as Mr Hunt that question Naomi. Do you want his tel no?


More objectionable is Hunt suggesting councils could solve their financial problems by cuts to diversity budgets. A blatant politicising of the Tories cuts to funding to local government.


He didn't write the nonsense OP, gulliver.  You did - and now you're at a loss to make sense of it.

i would humbly suggest that if you have £100k to pee away then you should probably use it to help someone rather than grease the wheels 

but hunt is an amoral person. barely a human being at all really... he's a husk with no light behind the eyes

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Stupid Hunt..

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