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Corbyn Vs Farage Part 2

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Hymie | 22:01 Sat 09th Mar 2024 | News
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Earlier in the week royfromaus posted on this subject - with a number of posters linking news stories – but not of what Farage actually said, well here he is saying it in this short video.


What Farage actually said (that could get him into hot water) was ‘but I never was a subscriber to the madcap conspiracy theory that the Jews run the world; but I tell you who was, yes, Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader’.




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Corbyn will not sue Farage, because that would give the old looney the publicity he seeks.

Corbyn never thought 'the Jews' ( I hate that term) ran the world or the banking system. He thought they were powerful influencers, but that is entirely different.

Meanwhile, Farage is just a money grubbing media *** these days, and it is sad to see many ABers are blind to that.

Used to be anti-semitism was a right-wing trope,now it is a left-wing trope.If Oswald Moseley came back nowadays he would be sharing a stage with Charlotte Church.

Question Author

Gromit – I think more and more ABers are coming to realise what Farage really stands for (himself).  I don’t get as much vitriol from the usual suspects these days, when I now point out what an idiot the fool is.

Both Farage and Corbyn were Brexiteers.I have no time for either of them.Lets hope they both sue the"bottoms"off of each other.

//Farage is just a money grubbing media *** these days,//

Is that just envy? Wouldn't you earn as much as you could in his position?


Are you sure your cheapo video has it right, Hymie?


//Jeremy Corbyn heaped praise on a book which suggested banks and the media were controlled by Jews, it has emerged.

In 2011 the then-Labour backbencher wrote a foreword to a reissue of JA Hobson's 'Imperialism: A Study', which argues that finance in Europe was controlled "by men of a single and peculiar race, who have behind them many centuries of financial experience".

Mr Corbyn described the economist's influential 1902 book as a "great tome" - despite the fact it highlights well-known anti-semitic conspiracy theories about the Rothschild banking family.//


So much for custard pies.  ;o)

It always amuses me that non entities like hymie call the most successful politician in history an idiot and/or fool. He's anything but be old china.

Hymie, //I think more and more ABers are coming to realise what Farage really stands for (himself).  I don’t get as much vitriol from the usual suspects these days, when I now point out what an idiot the fool is.//


Probably because you send them all to sleep.

Who's the idiot Hymie?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nigel has accumulated a net worth of $4 million, which equates to approximately £3.2 million. Nigel became the highest ever paid celeb for I'm A Celebrity, as the MailOnline reports that he’s being paid a whopping £1.5 million for the show - so that net worth is about to go up some!


Worth every penny.

Question Author

The most successful politician in history has stood for parliament 7 times and won 0 times.

11:30 ....but acheived his ultimate aim without needing any of the trappings of politics. Name another politician who has even got close to that.

Question Author

Even by his own admission, his ‘ultimate aim’ is a disaster for the UK.

Have a day off hymie, He may be annoyed at a few details but he's glad we are no longer subjugated to the EUSSR.

Question Author

The word he used for his ‘ultimate aim’ was that it has failed.

Rubbush, his ultimate aim was to extract us from the EUSSR we are out, end of.

oh dear. doesn't sound like farage has a leg to stand on... but i am sure he'll find a way to play the victim

He has £3.2 million to help prop him up. I am sure he will survive with or without your concern for his well being. What do you bitter,envious losers have in your bank account?

I think they spent all theirs on some magic beans from Lily Von Schtupp retro.

what does it matter retrocop? 

i don't have any concern for NF' wellbeing btw... but if it does get that far then i suspect he will lose. then a few weeks or months later produce some whingeing content about how he's the victim

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Corbyn Vs Farage Part 2

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