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Rule Britannia

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gulliver1 | 10:15 Sun 10th Mar 2024 | News
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Seems like Britain is having trouble ruling the waves these days.

Aircraft carriers breaking down and having to return to port from NATO exercises Submarines that can't fire missiles as they go plop into the sea ..And Now a fresh embarrassment as HMS QE catches fire while it was in dock being repaired.Bet NATO and Putin are laughing their socks off.



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Sheer complexity?No holes below water level, if so, oh god sea water ingress, salt water rust. Money tight, BQ value silicon, repaint, see North sea oil rig advice for paint protection.:0) Complexity of shaft.Must go round and round even, level and in a straight line, must add common but BIG bearings well greased at all times., must be able to go forward or...
16:12 Sun 10th Mar 2024

Where's the link please.

//HMS Queen Elizabeth, currently docked at Glenmallan in Scotland has suffered a “minor fire”.

It is understood that there were no reported injuries, and no ordnance was involved in the incident.//


Hardly news.  More accurately, scraping the barrel.  Pathetic gulliver.

As usual from gulliver trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.  This what the Royal Navy said,  "A minor, isolated fire on HMS Queen Elizabeth was quickly brought under control and extinguished."  Could have been anything including a fire in a bin.

Question Author

No fatalities then ..MOD now says it was just a minor fire ...Well they would do wouldn't they. Hope it wasn't next to the Armoury.


//MOD now says it was just a minor fire//


Got a link to what they said before, gulliver?

Always trying to run the UK down gulliver and you that says you are not anti UK.  Any excuse to run it down and you are there like a shot.  Is where you live part of NATO gulliver or are you just happy to let others do the fighting and protecting you to others.

Totally agree shedman. Gully hides away in some foreign (allegedly) bolthole and snipes unashamedly at the home country he professes to love. A sad & deplorable person.

It was being de-stored there prior to to dry docking at Rosyth.

I recall watching the documentary series on Ark Royal. Some nasty officer disturbed the ship's compliment by shouting 'Fire,Fire,Fire into the ships tannoy and guess what.A team of men and women called the Fire Control  Party donned their flame proof gloves and hoods and specialists had BA as well.What they did,Gulliver,is unbelievable but they contained,isolated and extinguished it and the nasty officer was very pleased and they got brownie points. It would of been rum years ago but not now because that was precisely what they were trained for. What a surprise. During the Firemans strike the Royal Navy and RAF Regiment were the only two armed forces who were equipped with foam tenders.

This is non news.

Question Author

What a blessing the fire was brough under control in time. It would not have looked a pretty site with fire damage when the MOD have to put it up for sale to save money for the cash strapped Royal Navy.

No 'best answer' yet?

This is the 3rd separate 'Rule Britannia' titled thread you've posted in 2 weeks. It makes it confusing but what really irritates me is if any other poster did it they'd get slapped by teacher.

No answer from gulliver again, what a surprise.  NATO or No NATO where you live gulliver.  There is no best answer yet as nicebloke1 hasn't joined in.

In the other case it's accepted by the poster that there are mental health issues and learning difficulties, so there's a case for being protective.

Prudie, duplicate posts, if spotted, are removed, but as far as I'm aware there's no rule against posting different items under the same heading so no one would get slapped for that. 

^ mine was prudie.


naeomi24, "duplicate posts, if spotted, are removed" in a way they are duplicate posts as they are all slagging off the UK.

Shedman, yes indeed.

'Worst things happen at Sea' as the saying goes.

All 3 of then are specifically slagging off the Govt, MOD and Defence. The subject matter is solely our aircraft carriers, submarines and fighter jets. I know full well why they are allowed....

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