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J K Rowling Invites Police To Arrest Her

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naomi24 | 13:27 Tue 02nd Apr 2024 | News
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Backed by Rishi Sunak, the author took to social media to hit out at the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act, external which came into effect on Monday.  Under the new law, "stirring up hatred" relating to age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or being intersex is now classed as a criminal offence.  The maximum penalty under the new act in Scotland is a jail sentence of seven years.  


The prime minister said: "We should not be criminalising people saying common sense things about biological sex, clearly that isn’t right.  Football pundit Ally McCoist has also given his support to JK Rowling, calling the legislation "madness".


I don't know why anyone needs a judge to tell them that men are men but would arresting J K Rowling and dragging her before the courts for telling the truth go a long way to stopping this lunacy once and for all?



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I agree but there are 50 shades of grey in the spectrum of sexuality.

And don't ask me to name them!

i would just be chuffed to be invited to anything

dtc - Just 2 sexes and many genders (apparently).

Let the differently gendered make their own spaces and leave womens' spaces, language and lives alone.

Hiya, Randy. xxx


hello wonderful xxxx 

hope all is peachy x 

"That women don't have penises isn't debatable.  They don't."


Untrue. You have no idea what sort of things a woman may be collecting.

Question Author

OG, nawty!  :o)


The police say they will not arrest J K Rowling.  She's called their bluff!  Good for her!!!

X/Twitter is hysterical today (in all senses).

The TRAs must be dizzy with all the spinning and volte-faces they are performing.

It took 7 years to compose and pass this Act and about 24 hours to render it completely useless.

It's glorious to watch.

Question Author

Isn't it just!  :o)))

Probably changed now but it was Jimmys bar on the corner of Rue du Pelican and Rue Saint-jean Nepomucene.


Gone, ymb - you can see just a remnant of it here, but if you move around Google Maps then it disappears!

Love the fact that JKR has said if they won't arrest her but arrest others (without her means) she will throw her weight (by which I assume her means) behind them.


Bloody good for her. I'm pleased somebody is prepared to stand against the bullying.

A non-sensical law from a non-sensical pretendy government(soon to be out of office(copyright gulliver)).

she was never going to be arrested; she's a sleb, and it's not what the law is meant for.

If she goes off with her mates down the Royal Mile shouting "You're not a real woman, butch!" in the face of trans passersby, the outcome might well be different.

"You're not real women, butch"


As unsavoury as that would be, and something I'd never advocate (and most certainly not saying 'butch'), I would find it worrying that anybody could be arrested for stating an undeniable biological fact.

In a work capacity, e.g. a nurse or a builder, would be a better test.

girlie nonsense

I said butch because the real lady dog word falls foul of the bots.

tut tut jno, avoiding the swear filter? I get row locked for that all the time.

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J K Rowling Invites Police To Arrest Her

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