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Yet Another Brexit Benefit – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Hymie | 20:32 Wed 03rd Apr 2024 | News
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Halleluiah, Praise the Lord



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Let's hope we buy more home produced stuff or find alternative sources- it would serve the EU right

It's about time we halted the eeyoo's ability to dump their rubbish here on the cheap. Let them flog it to each other and we can produce our own goods if the market is there.The UK is quite capable of manufacturing cheese, sausage and yoghurt and we are surrounded by fish and seafood products. Good move. Let them worry about their exports we have no need to fret about imports. 

yes hymie it is indeed  -  too much

Excellent news.

And I forgot to add that the EU has, for much of its existence, "protected" its members (with scant regard for consumers) from external competition by the imposition of tariffs. So it's OK for them to do so, but not the UK?

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It would have been very helpful in the referendum, if Brexiteers had explained that in the event of a vote leave win – UK citizens would be screwed over, but they would at least have shellfish beds found In the Thames estuary.

we can't make enough food, every field is being built  on, less food and more water going straight into the sewage works and overwhelming them.

Hymie 22.47

The Remain campaign used much more dire warnings than that - it didn't work.

Let's get Britain done"🤣 You Suckers were well and truly done when you were Conned by the Biggest Con man the Cons ever elected 🤣 . 

We do buy anything from an EU country unless there is no alternative.  There are plenty of other suppliers of the food that we both enjoy without having to line the pockets of our EU 'Friends??????'




Excellent News.  Control at last.

They charge us we charge them, why do the EW think everything is one way?

TTT, what does EW mean?

If the EUSSR would stop having a hissy fit because we went home and took our ball, they'd see that we should cooperate and each have free trade for mutual benefit.


EW= Enemy Within.


Question Author

Anyone remember Reece Mogg et al, telling us everything (footwear, clothes, food etc), would be cheaper following Brexit?

I recall being told there would be cheap wine lakes and butter mountains if we did join. That never materialised did it Hymie?

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Yet Another Brexit Benefit – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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