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Bit Of An Oggy Their H......

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ToraToraTora | 10:03 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | News
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In his rush to rake in some lucre Harry basically admitted lying on his visa application, oops. If it was you or I our feet wouldn't touch but the US may well still boot him out the door! What then? I can't see Me Again living in UK indefinately.



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There! doh!

This has been bubbling under the news for a while now.

I would suggest that the US government have the task of proving, possibly in court, that Harry lies on his visa application.

They may have no way of proving that his statements in his book were simply fictional, and the burden of proof will rest with them.

I can't see a deportation any time soon.

Harry's drug use has been reported a few times over the years.  I think this is the earliest

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TBH I don't think they really want to deport their adopted royal but they are making the right noises to make it look like they are not ignoring the transgression.

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depends how far it goes but if Harry has to basically say he was lying about all the drug taking then his cred will be shot to bits anyway. Then the rest of the book could be considered fiction. Tricky one!

Given all the foreign 'celebrities'  who live in the States, I can never quite get my head around this.   Is the threat of deportation hanging over Harry because he admitted to taking drugs or because he lied on his visa application?   In other words, had he told the truth would he have been admitted in the first place?

Daily Express tittle-tattle. Nobody really has any idea of how and why the USA allowed Harry to live in their country, no idea of whether he had a visa at all, let alone what was written on it, who processed it and on what basis.

How did Ozzy Osbourne get in to the USA?

They're very down on drug use, not wanting it to land on their currently unsullied shores. 🙄

One thing's for sure - I don't want him back here!

I don't think he'll be moving in to your back bedroom, dave

I don't think there's any possibility of Meghan ever living permanenlly in the UK.  Should he get booted out I imagine they'd go to Canada.

Thing is naomi I don't think he had published his book about his drug use when they both moved to Canada.Now the rat is out the bag they  (Canada) may have a different view about their residency. I recall,years ago, my older sister who had just graduated at Reading wanted to move to Canada with her newly wed husband. He had already been assured a job there. My sister eventually went into teaching and took out citizenship there. She had to jump hurdles and hoops to get a visa and she had no C.R.O. record and never took drugs .

My bet would be ,should Trump kick them out.Botswana or some other African country with animal conservation and suchlike.

who can tell what an american court will do? -  yes obviously I am alluding to Trump

Laws (like taxes) are only meant for the ‘little people’ – those with power and/or wealth can ignore any such rules and use the system to avoid any consequences for their behaviour.

You are correct there Hymie.

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Bit Of An Oggy Their H......

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