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It Seems Cancel Culture Is Alive And Kicking In The Eu

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youngmafbog | 14:03 Tue 16th Apr 2024 | News
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So the Mayour thinks he can cancel a gathering of right wing politicians, really?

I know Oban is an odd character but he is leader of an EU country!

It has all the hallmarks of a dictatorship in the making.



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Give 'em hell, Nigel !

Why doesn't the Mayor take a 'Manneken pis'

The sullen cheese eaters never forgave Nigel for standing up to them and exhorting, 'well you are not laughing at me now are you?

Guarantee public safety ?! No one is daft enough to swallow that.  Not even the police who enforced the order.

GB News should be good this evening!

i guess don't conform to the approved thoughts and beliefs of the mayor, read like orwells 1984, this will get lot's of publicity world wide except the bbc of course, they would call it right wing extremists or something similar.

I know Oban is an odd character - - er it is a place isnt it?

Farage has had his Salman Rushdie moment - F talks about Brexit and failure and how awful it  has been botched, and it wouldnt have ben if he had been in charge....

and goes to a place where it is worse !

S Rushdie ( Midnights children was full of anti-imperial snide comments and how awful London is ( not as bad as imperial Bombay) - goes to America and gets stabbed in the eye !

one can only feel sorry for both of them ( mimsy comment to insure against deletion)

The sullen cheese eaters never forgave Nigel for standing up to them and exhorting, 'well you are not laughing at me now are you? - - - well I think they are now! hur hur hur

it is cheese eatingf surrender monkeys isnt it? ( as French and not Belgian) Bush. I cd be wrong

The funny thing is that they are worried abou this sort of meeting whilst the nouveau fascism creeps into every facet of our lives largely unnoticed

but letting imams preach hate and jihad in mosques is fine and dandy ie social cohesion diversity, death threats to teachers mp's and others..

Well given that the Belgian government has condemned the actions of the local mayor, I think Orban's Hungary will be a dictatorship before Belgium, in the unlikely event either ever will be 😆

Great point fender62!

EUSSR anyone?

The clue is in the name.

Def. a Muslim (usually Arab) military commander or local chief: Oxford Dictionary. 

If Brussels won't have it they could always go to Strasbourg!

As someone on tonight's BBC news said, this has brought the gathering unexpected publicity - or words to that effect.   Had they shut up no one would have noticed.  Silly billies.  😂


Nigel said 'cobblers'.  He was right too.  

The EU isn't mentioned in that article so it's nothing to do with that institution but about a what a local mayor wants.

The same thing could happen here depending on the mayor.

completely disagree with the mayor's actions here... he has given their movement a huge shot in the arm.

i must say that these are exactly the kind of anti-protest laws that suella braverman pushed through in this country.... she sought to criminalise protests that were "annoying" and called on the police to crack down on pro-palestine protests... let alone Orban who has strangled Hungarian democracy, not exactly a great ally of free speech.

it is utter hypocrisy for these people to complain about it being done to them when they are champing at the but to do it against everyone they don't like whenever they get into power. Free speech... but only for us! 

^^ cobblers !

Preventing activities that bring disruption to society on a daily basis regarding situations that have nothing directly to do with the nation they are in, is not a valid comparison to a situation where someone uses a clearly invalid excuse to stop a legal meeting to discuss subjects relevant to Europe, where the meeting was scheduled to be held. One has to wonder why anyone would try to imply the two are the same.

the law we passed does not just target disruption old geezer, it also targets protests that are "annoying"

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It Seems Cancel Culture Is Alive And Kicking In The Eu

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