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Credit Where It's Due.....

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ToraToraTora | 08:59 Thu 18th Apr 2024 | News
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Finally some common sense from Holyrood. Lets hope this common sense virus infects the rest of the UK.



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Not if labour get in. The economy will be destroyed and people thrown into poverty on the alter of net zero.

I'm afraid so Dave.

Mind you the same would happen if the TINO's continue in Government.

Sounds like they only ditched it to save the embarrassment of failing.

They're the absolute living embodiment of useless, bringing their local coucillor mentality to a half-baked parliament and making a pig's ear of the whole country.

No ferries

No A9 dualling

No backup power stations

Can't get a deal on drink unless you nip over the border to Berwick or Carlisle

Half arsed hospital building projects condemned before they open

Space ports, if you please

The list of their failures and ineptitude is almost endless.

Unless, of course one misgenders someone, then the full weight of the 'state' will land on you.

I'm away for my tea before the wind stops blowing.

Question Author

yep good to see they've got the pronoun issue nailed dougy!

And the other piece of good news from north of Hadrian's Wall is that the SNP Prince Consort has been arrested - this morning apparently.

"And the other piece of good news from north of Hadrian's Wall is that the SNP Prince Consort has been arrested - this morning apparently."

And now charged with embezzlement:

surely not - to a SNPer - how much did they send to support Hamas?

Anyone know the definition of 'charged' in Scotland??

and buy the campaign dormie-tin-can, probably now parked somewhere in the Outer Hebrides at the back of a croft.

Pegasus, After the Weegie police charge you with a crime, you might be asked to agree to an undertaking. This means you have six hours to do a runner to Carlisle or Norway, Ireland or Denmark. Otherwise, you can go home until your first court hearing at a later date. You'll be given details of the charges and your court date. You can speak to a solicitor before accepting an undertaking and before your court date. 

Thanks DTC.

"This means you have six hours to do a runner". Haha.


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Credit Where It's Due.....

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