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A Tory Mp Involved In Sleaze. Oh No, Not Another One !

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Canary42 | 15:31 Thu 18th Apr 2024 | News
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i felt a lot of pity for william wragg... this man is just corrupt lol. 

this happened in december apparently...makes you wonder how much more is going on that we don't know about

they don't call it "pestminster" for nothing!!!!

Why feel sorry for William Wragg?

I feel a twinge of sympathy for anyone like Wragg caught up in a digital scam (but not when they try to wriggle out of it by scattering their colleagues' addresses around).

But this guy, if the allegations are true, has created the scam himself.

i think wragg is a weak person who ought not to have been selected or elected... what he did was absolutely wrong but i do feel some pity for him 

this man is just a corrupt sleazeball


Perhaps his story, that he was kidnapped and 5k as a random was urgently needed, was true.

Why weren't the police involved when he was released?

Well if it was the other way round jno would be staight in with a Tory in slease.

So, what about Raynor?

Do try to focus, YMB. x


No, but one of AB's bluenoses would be.

If this turns out to be true, we have yet another MP showing the moral compass and common sense of an eight year old with a personality disorder.

Which drain is the Tory Party looking down to find these people?

I can't feel sorry for any adult who sends compromising pictures of themselves to a total stranger.

It shows arrogance, stupidity, and naivety in equal measure.

Not qualities anyone wants or should find in their MP.

Did he, perhaps misunderstand 'honourable member'?

More by like upstanding members.

already done Raynor at length, ymb, Tory supporters had no hesitation in setting up more than one thread about her, so you can hardly complain if someone does the same for a man who, IF the allegations are correct, has done something that can only be quite delibearately fraudulent.

Parliamentary rules seem pretty fuzzy, and if she did take legal advice then I'm guessing she'll get off any possible charges of fraudulence.

attn Douglas, Murrell's been re-arrested.

missed one liner - did we ever have with william wragg

- well this sounds like s fairy story

anyway this one does as well. A lot cd be true

Perhaps his story, that he was kidnapped and 5k as a random was urgently needed, was true.

The MP Mark Menzies didnt have the lu-lu and so borrowed it at short notice and still did nt have the lu-lu to oay off the debt still so dipped into the conservative party funz. Obvious theft under the facts and any cover up is  false accounting - - call the post office !

and the MP needed £5k ( drugz  probably) - the locked bathroom is an add-on for colour

or william wragg again - did he mistake coming out of the voting lobby as coming out of the closet?

sozza - I am a bad person

Perhaps he took independent expert advice that absolves him, but refuses to publish the advice - this, it would seem, is acceptable; let's call it 'Rayner's Law'.


Whip removed quickly. Perhaps SKS should take note. He won't of course, but perhaps he should.

5.21pm - quite right; Rayner has been done, and this is a thread about a Tory. I mean it's not as though jno crowbars in things that has had nothing to do with the thread. Ever. 

of course there are legitimate parallels, Deskdiary, that's why I've just answered ymb at some length. If I can accept this without fretting, why can't you?

So you are detained against your will by bad people who are demanding money with threats (we have all been there)

Can anyone explain why they wouldn't contact the police if they got out of this mess?

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A Tory Mp Involved In Sleaze. Oh No, Not Another One !

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