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Definitely A Change In The Climate

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douglas9401 | 19:32 Thu 18th Apr 2024 | News
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sorry only miscreant tories are allowed!

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Mony a Murrell maks a muckle.

Mony a Murrell maks a muckle.

trying saying that 20 times after ten pints of heavy! pmsl

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Or just once, and he sets two of his heavies on you.

The Nats on here (who, by the way, have been very quiet of late) will excuse this. Eagerly waiting for his despicable wife to have her collar felt as well.

That money was just resting in my account Dougal.

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Somebody will be along shortly to talk about presumed innocence and due process.

Well that is the case Douglas. but as this was a rearrest and this time charges laid after quite some time I would suspect the Rozzers have something pretty concrete.

But we must wait and see.

I think we need to consider presumed innocence and due process.

What on earth did the sainted Nicola see in him?  He looks more like her father than partner

The next question surely has to be will the 'wee un' be the next to get her collar felt?

Police Scotland has said that comments on social media that express views about guilt or innocence may be liable to prosecution. This thread will be watched carefully & no further explanation or discussion will be given if posts are removed.

How can an opinion that says "I think he's guilty" or "I think he's innocent" from us no-marks warrant the attention of Dibble.


That's nuts.

They are worried someone will jeopardize the case.  Bit similar to the Yaxley-lennon case.

But the action they can take is limited.

Yes, I get that YMB, but this is a pretty inconsequential board with limited numbers, so me (or anybody else) saying I think he is guilty or innocent is irrelevant, so I don't get the reason for the warning, and I absolutely do not believe the Scottish police would be liable to prosecute.


If it was the artist formerly known as Twitter, I would kind of get it, but not AB.

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You may find Police Scotland like to follow the path of least resistance in their day-to-day, Deskdiary.

Us plebs are easy meat when it comes to making an example.

Miffy will stay out of this one.....not.

Who is Miffy?

Like nationalists all over the world,they just cant get their sticky fingers out of the till.In this case they have stolen(allegedly)off their own stupid mug members.


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Definitely A Change In The Climate

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