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Met Officer Threatened To Arrest A Jewish Man

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fender62 | 00:39 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | News
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is it because they thought he would have been attacked, if so why are these marches allowed, erm better safe then sorry ? must be some nasty people within the crowd then, id have banned the marches all together from the begining, just stirs up emotions like hate the jews, target jews, creates division in all our social harmony..



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I can't get your link to work.

Thanks Corby. It sounds like the same kind of stuff we would be presented with by Muslims bring prevented from doing something.

the police officer was being an idiot to be quite frank

Yep that plod was being a right wally.

It's possible that the jewish guy was intending to be deliberately provocative. Just sayin'

Are the police not allowed to arrest a Jew?

All are criminals will convert if it puts them above the law

//Are the police not allowed to arrest a Jew?//

And where does that come from exactly.

The first copper needs to get some education on communication. His choice of words was completely wrong.

I think its time these marches (not just the Palestine one) were controlled.  Just as one should have the right to protest so should people have the right to go about their business without fear or intimidation or delay for that matter.

Protests should be applied for, follow an approved route and be limited to one day, say Sunday.

Also if arranged by a pressure group for a number of say over 500 then they should pay for the policing.

I think it has to be Met policy. Don't support citizens and their rights, that isn't important. Just minimise the chance of troublemakers going off and giving the Met the larger task controlling the troublemakers and going their real job.

One single Jewish gentleman and all those Police Officers without direction, kneeling to Wokism. The Police Sergeant could have escorted the gentleman across the road and away from trouble without needless and overbearing confrontation. A prime example of the jewish commmunity not being protected from these pro-Palestinian marchers. Rowley should  be sacked .The Met is losing their way and forgetting the Primary objects of their duties.

One has to wonder what the coppers would have done if it was a buch of NF (or whatever they are these days) marching and an openly Muslim person wanted to cross the street to continue his/her daily business.

Not the same I bet!

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Met Officer Threatened To Arrest A Jewish Man

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