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Well, according to the logic of some on here, perhaps a period of restraint is now called for from Iran?!

Question Author

yes absolutely!!

But in the real world, we can expect Iran to 'respond'.

300 to 1  -  seems likea fair exchange?

This is not a surprise and was expected by everyone including Iran. I notice Iran appears to be pretending it didn't happen. Just as they gave Israel and everyone else good warning of their blitz.

I hadn't realised that it is thought that the Iranians had no knowledge of the Hamas slaughterfest of October 7. Which is interesting.

Indeed implementing a period of restaint has now passed into Iran's court. But they have more incentive to consider it given that there seems to be local dissidents likely to take advantage of the government's attention prioritising an external conflict.

Nothing, this is almost a diplomatic strike. Probably pre arranged.

Hopefully both sides have now made their point and will leave it at that.

The message from Israel to Tehran is very simple; - we can protect ourselves from you whatever you do, but you cannot protect yourselves even from one of our smaller attacks if we choose to mount one. So, you would do well to remain frightened of our power.


Micael Clarke, Military analyst

I think Mr Clarke has nailed it.

^So do I.

Question Author

how very curious that khandro edited the quote from Clarke

what a slippery guy he must be

^^^how so?

Untitled ; // how very curious that khandro edited the quote from Clarke//

What astrange comment, I removed Clarkes's parenthesis because it was unecessary (and actually didn't make a lot of sense). 


here it is,  "(and somewhat over-simplified, it must be said, in Israeli thinking)"

 What difference does that make to the point he is making? 

You really are a weird dude. 🙄


Question Author

it suggests quite strongly that he doesn't agree with the rationale that he is describing - the reason that doesn't make sense to you is because you do agree with it

one normally adds an ellipsis when you edit a quote so that the reader can tell you have edited it

Untitled: I thnk you are simply being disingenuous, I know not why.

Seems a rather half hearted response from Israel. Maybe they were just probing Iran's defences. I still think that Israel will have to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities but they wont do it until after Passover is finished

Question Author

" I thnk you are simply being disingenuous, I know not why."

every accusation is a confession, as they say

personally id finish the irnaian regime, america could do it by themselves easily, probably going to do it anyway...that area would see peace finally minus a few hanger-on ex regime idiots, small fry..would be nipped in the bud though.

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