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Sick Note Culture Being Looked At.......

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ToraToraTora | 09:43 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | News
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It's a sad situation that so many people who could & should work choose not to and are enabled to be idle.

if you need to see a "specialist work and health professional" to be signed off sick, is it likely these people will be as difficult to get an appointment with as GPs?

I remember one time, back in the 70's, a guy at our place had been off work "ill" for 3 weeks. When he came back, he handed in his sick note and where it says "Reason for absence", the doctor had wrote: "He says he is ill" Tis true folks! 😄

"specialist work and health professional" 

I'd rather they saw someone with a good pair of boots to give 'em a kick up the wotsit! 

Question Author

It only happens because not all malingerers can go to sleep at the workplace, like this guy.             




^. He may have had mental health problems.

Who are we to judge?

Question Author

09:54, remember the British Leyland Nightshift?


The only way those two were caught is because they would have been bragging about how easy it was to claim benefits. They would have been grassed up because of their own cockiness and arrogance. The DWP don't just pull claimants files randomly out of the system. They act mainly on tip offs. If they didn't, they could be checking lots of claims and getting nowhere. I know someone who works in this dept. Nuff said.

Question Author

10cs "The only way those two were caught is because they would have been bragging about how easy it was to claim benefits." - probably but in the case of the strong man, being in the local rag didn't help!

True! 😄

Going back over 30 years to make a point is rather scraping the barrel.


And they were sacked - Jacob wasn't.



Question Author

He was doing his training for the Lords canary!

The government was going to look into it, but they don't feel up to it at present; apparently something is doing the rounds, so they're "working from home".

About time too.

BUT, they must go after the malingerers not the genuine cases.  The problem is lefty's will be emploed to do the checking and they will go after the vulnerable to prove a politcal point and get the idea bad press.

PSNI (Police Service Northern Ireland) officers in the town where I live were the subject of a major investigation after allegations arose that they were bringing sleeping bags to work their night shift, and sleeping when they should have been working.



Why would the Tory's employ 'lefties' to score political points against them?

Some police officers resented fire officers because they could sleep during the night shifts.  I've known quite a few police staff sleep in empty cells. Some were caught

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Sick Note Culture Being Looked At.......

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