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Met Commissioner Faces Call To Resign

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naomi24 | 12:52 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | News
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//The head of the Metropolitan Police should resign over the force's handling of pro-Palestinian protests, a group campaigning against antisemitism has said.

The Met apologised on Friday after an officer described an antisemitism campaigner as "openly Jewish" at a demonstration in London.

Gideon Falter, chief executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, had been wearing a kippah skull-cap when he was stopped in the Aldwych area of London and threatened with arrest on 13 April.

Mr Falter was told by police his presence was causing a "breach of peace".

Mr Falter said what happened at the march was a "disgrace" and the Met's response in the aftermath was a "stain" on the force's reputation.

He said Sir Mark should resign or be sacked and he claimed "racists, extremists and terrorist-sympathisers" had been "emboldened" by the Met's "failure to curtail the marches".

Mr Falter said there had been a "surge" in antisemitic crime and he accused the Met of "inertia"//


Surely any breach of the peace was created only by those hostile towards him?  Should the Commissioner resign?



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At least he's not a Dick!

If he had removed his skull cap he would have passed unnoticed.  Being there, and so easily identifiable, snacks of provocation.  And now calling for heads to roll. Could he have an agenda?

Not 'snacks', 'smacks'.

Everyone should be able to go anywhere they want to, whenever they want but we have to be sensible. What would have happened if he were allowed to go about his business and one person turned on him? One is all it takes to start a mob, one mob can start an all out riot.

Would people be asking for the police chief to resign for failing to protect him?

I like to think this man would not have encountered trouble, I'm not sure I'd take the chance but it could have been handled more tactfully 

-- answer removed --

Imagine a Celtic fan, wearing scarf and bobble hat, carrying a tricolour, wanting to walk through a crowd of Rangers fans.

Would the police not be failing in their duty if they didn't advise the Celtic fan to reconsider?

Thanks mods.Time for me to exit Answerbank.

ynna - it is not an ed ( as it is Sun. - it is a mod - -- now I wonder which one - - is supporting free speech again!)

Of course Rowley should go - (oh wise Mod to start a thread such as this and then delete that which she doesnt like - o daughter of Solomon!)

Of course  the ( london) MPC  should named and anointed by the foreign ministry of the state of Israel - it stands to reason doesnt it? 

Rowley - fire him !  Burn him! - I hesitate to say - - - crucify him ! ( Biblical, in the NT somewhere) - let justice be done, take his pension away from him!

the first thing about any employment should be the question: has this offended any Israeli or relative !

Lardy Lardy


Question Author

Peter Pedant, I haven't deleted anything on this thread - but I'm removing your post for persistent rudeness. 

Yes what the policeman said was wrong, but honestly a big fuss about very little

Well Rishi was "appalled" - he would say that wouldn't he (no hoper). 😀

They can't keep on being obliged to resign. They need guidance on doing their duty. Maybe an awareness course on protecting the public and not tolerating bad behaviour from serial protesters, especially those protesting about issues that have nothing to do with this country.

Yes. He should most definitely resign .He is a woke disaster. Of course.Who has full confidence in him? Why our London Mayor Khan. Grrrr

No wonder the Jewish community no longer feel safe in the streets of London when you have a police sergeant obstructing him because he is obviously Jewish.All those police are supposed to protect and preserve people regardless of fear or favour.The ruddy sergeant should have personally escorted the gentleman out of harms way if he was that concerned about his safety. A disgrace and embarrassment to the Police service.

you can't have the Met commissioner quitting every time a cop says something out of line. Cops have raped and killed, strip-searched young people, photographed "dead birds" to share with their mates - but saying something to a Jewish person is worse than any of that? I think not.

If the boss of a company had to resign every time an employee did something sackable, there would be a new boss every day.

If a pattern of wrongdoing emerged then you would look to the boss for blame.

"failure to curtail" the marches eh? 

i'm afraid these anti-semitism campaigners are playing the victim and the police have fallen right into it. their agenda is to stop support for palestine from being expressed in the UK just as it was recently in Berlin. 

Hamas supporters out in force I see.

I agree with sandyRoe at 14.17 about if he didn't have his scull cap on he would have gone unnoticed and could have crossed the road with no worries.  He did an interview with one of the Tv companies the day after and there was no scull cap on for that.  Not helping the cause really was he.

Regardless of this incidet the Met should be split, prefereably into 4 and Khan (or any futre Major) should be removed from any control whatsoever.

How on earth Rowley ever got to that position is beyond me, hardly a big burly copper is he?

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Met Commissioner Faces Call To Resign

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