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If You Were A Refugee And Had Been Told There Was A...

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sandyRoe | 08:04 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 | News
18 Answers in your name on the first flight to Rwanda, could you opt to go back to mainland Europe instead?



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no need. with the right legal team, the Rwanda process can be frustrated for years, maybe indefinitely.

No - because you would have to go by regular channels & you wouldn't get through passport control of the destination country.

If I were a genuine refugee and not an illegal immigrant then I'd not be in a position as to be given such a choice.

This is the nonsense of the Rwanda idea: it's fine as a way of offloading numbers but as a deterrent to future asylum seekers it won't work: the government is trying to tell us it's a fine place to go and doubtless it is: but the subtext is "it's a ****hole". One view is directed at the legal folk etc - the other at everyone else  

no - I wd probably book a seat outside my local legal-aid immigration lawyer

agree moosheh

The way this immigrant problem is affecting the UK. I can see the Brits getting on the plane for Rwanda.

This whole ghastly saga shames the UK as a nation.I want it put on record that I am utterly opposed to the Rwanda bill

A genuine refugee would not face this possibility.

This is not about refugees, this is about illegal invaders who are coming from a safe country.

Fiveleaves: Should we just allow unlimited invaders into our country?

//This whole ghastly saga shames the UK as a nation.I want it put on record that I am utterly opposed to the Rwanda bill//

No - it shames the EU countries for their open border policies & allowing migrants to transit their countries & ship from France in fragile dinghies.

//Fiveleaves: Should we just allow unlimited invaders into our country?//

And why is it the liberal left never want to answer that question?

Just how many do they think the country can cope with, especially in such a short time?

You can bet your bottom dollar they are NIMBY's though!

Several lifeless bodies found washed up on a French beach,including children, as a result of a failed illegal crossing.If the Rwanda bill demonstrates there is no future in attempting to cross the dangerous channel then I am NOT ashamed. The shame lies in the French failure to prevent this in the first place rather than facilitate it.


fiveleaves, why shame?  These people are economic migrants - they're not fleeing danger.  This constant influx is unsustainable so what's your solution?

To answer the question - yes.

The subtext is not  that Rwanda ''is a xxxxhole''; it's that it's not UK so would you prefer France or Rwanda? And longer term, before they start their journey from Africa to Europe do you prefer your country or Rwanda. The problem though is getting the message across as the smuggling gangs don't care where you end up...they just want the money so will play down the Rwanda threat.

So a handful are to be moved at huge expense from a nice English hotel to an equally nice one in a sunnier climate?

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If You Were A Refugee And Had Been Told There Was A...

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