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Voters De-Fylde In Lancs

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Gromit | 19:16 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | News
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Menzies has lost the whip.

He has quit the Tories.

He has previously announced he is not contesting the next election.

But he continues to be the area's MP.

He has not quit, there is no By Election.

What a complete ***.

Anyone disagree ?



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He has quit his party, not his job as MP.


Will he need to borrow some money to buy another whip?


I've long been of the opinion that if an MP changes his stripes then a bye-election should be arranged. Few people vote for the bloke, most vote for the party. Imagine the uproar if Boris had changed his stripes over Brexit.


Except he jumped before he was pushed. Wouldn't the fear of expulsion give the whips too much power?


Question Author

The voters voted Tory and they now don't have a Tory MP.

The man who is currently their MP is not standing again.

They are going to have a new MP, but this Leech is going to suck thousands of £ s out while being totally ineffective as an MP.

Reform needed surely.

How will he be ineffective as an MP?

Question Author
Question Author
Question Author

// How will he be ineffective as an MP? //

he is voting against 650 other Mp. Unless he votes with the Conservatives, so he is a ghost.

How is is he voting against all the other MPs?

Now that he's lost the whip, it's up to him how he votes and that could be with or against the government.

Opposition MPs tend not to vote with the government of the day but it doesn't make them, "totally ineffective" does it?


Question Author

Depends how they vote.

But an Indeprndent voting with the Government is shiít.

Good...Just more Tory sleaze and corruption to show the voters to turn their back on the ConTory Party at the elections and get rid of this Tory Mafia for good.


Are you so deluded that you think Labour under Starmer will have any more integrity and honesty?


20.39 Get rid of the crooked, dishonest trousering of taxpayers money Tories ..Get Labour in power and make Britain Great again.🤣.Woo hoo🤣

Question Author

He is accused of misuse of donations - spending on ransom demands to 'bad people' and 'medical bills'.

His defence is that he always properly registered the donations. Not where the money went afterwards.

He previously lost a cabinet post after a South American male escort alledged a sexua lassault complaint against him.

Jyst moremega sleaze really.

MP is a strange job.

It's the only one where you get up to five years notice of dismissal on full pay despite being disowned by your manager after being caught red handed doing a  offence that would guarantee instant dismissal in the real world.


The "investigation" said they couldn't prove that he tried to get hold of the money to pay off the drug dealer / rent boy but that his behaviour fell below acceptable standards - how low is that?


He was voted in by his constituents - he has every right to serve his full term.

Why are so many Tory Mps Homosexual ? Is it because they went to boys only boarding schools.

Does it matter if an MP of any party is  gay? You seem fascinated by you have a problem with people being gay?

Should I show you the list of gay Labour and Libyans again to show you're wrong as usual anyway?


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Voters De-Fylde In Lancs

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