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I read that a bit different (Think Rub and Tug shops) !

// "All four make work that is full of life.

"They show how contemporary art can fascinate, surprise and move us, and how it can speak powerfully of complex identities and memories, often through the subtlest of details.//


For some reason I felt none of that.

Question Author

I guess we just don't get it Naomi!

Well thats usually why you use an Escort!

If you bought it, where would you put it?  (Keep it clean!).  ;o)

"All four make work that is full of life..."

Not life as I know it...Jim.

Question Author

LIK it's "It's life Jim but not as we know it"...


Sounds about right for the arty farty types. If it were "real" art they'd never recognise it.

You see, this is why we Scots coined the word 'bawbag'. 

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Do you know the answer?

Turner Prize? Just Stick Doily On An Escort........

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