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Your Vote Is Not Confidential.

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10ClarionSt | 13:20 Fri 03rd May 2024 | News
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When I went to exercise my franchise yesterday, there were 2 guys at the table. The guy on the left asked for my ID and address. He looked it up and said to the guy next to him, 215. The guy next to him entered 215 in a box next a long number, on a sheet full of bempty boxes and numbers. He then gave me my voting papers. There was a long number on the back of them that matched the one on the sheet where he'd written 215. 

This is clearly not a confidential vote. I know what people will say: this is just a measure that is used in case anyone makes a claim of election fraud, and checks can be made if verification is needed. I get that, but it's still not confidential is it? How do we know that no-one checks this stuff? We don't do we? 



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Just thought well anyone could change this if it's only marked in pencil - I used my own pen!

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Your Vote Is Not Confidential.

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