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The Shooting Of Robert Fico

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ichkeria | 07:48 Thu 16th May 2024 | News
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Let's try again shall we and EVERYONE try to stick to the matter in hand 



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It would seem (to me) that the motivation was based on Fico's attachment to Putin. 

er Itch - good luck

Yes some Czechs seems to prefer the embrace of the Russian Bear. incredz so it may be. ( there you see, I can post without mentioning er my favourites)

Question Author

Hmm who knows. We are all obsessed with that but there are lots of possibilities.
My first thought was it was it was to do with his underworld connections. Fico is a bad man. 

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Fico is one of Skovakia's most recognisable politicians: there's been a lot of nonsense spoken about him coming to power on an anti- Ukraine platform. His party got 25 per cent of the vote in a parliamentary (not presidential) election.

yeah but Czechia is one of those countries where the President isnt the president

( much less exec, than Pres trump for example - much like the Pres of Oireland who does bagga all)

he was shot not too long after promising to withdraw military support for ukraine. could it be related?

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Who knows. But that's the point I was making earlier: everyone jumps on stuff they hear in the press. Fico said a lot of things (withdrawal of Ukraine aid specifically is old news really now and comes after Slovakia has pretty much done all it can anyway in that regard)

Question Author

This is Slovakia we're on about here PP. Apologies if I've misunderstood 

They were once one-ish 🙂

People can brood over a perceived wrong before opting to do something.

ichi, Sounds like very confused man, he's actually PRO Russian, an amateur poet whose concern is the closing down of a TV station.

This archived from The Times;

Question Author

"he's actually PRO Russian"

Yes this is why we need to beware simple answers 

yeah slovakia sozza. concentrating on being a Good boy not an accurate tease

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I'm not an expert on Czechia or Slovakia, however PM Fico in Slovakia is higher profile than his Czech counterpart, whereas the Czech President Pavel is certainly better known than his Slovak counterpart.. I am not sure if that's more to do with the countries' different constitutions or simply the timing of elections.

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The Shooting Of Robert Fico

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