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Why Do Anti Israeli Demonstrators Dress Up As Palestinians?

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dave50 | 08:37 Thu 16th May 2024 | News
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They look ridiculous and also what happened to cultural appropriation?



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Some wearing scarves and others carrying Palestinian flags is all I've seen of 'dressing up'.


Showing solidarity with overseas unemployed agitators?

Do they ? Are you sure they aren't all of Palestinian roots ?

Because they have no sense of reality.

Listen to what Douglas Murray has to say on my thread;

Or save yourself half an hour and do something more productive. 

Perhaps there's a recently painted wall you can look at.

'Cultural appropriation' is an utterly meaningless phrase trotted out by numpties who fancy the moral high ground, but are too dense to understand what it is.

//what happened to cultural appropriation?//


For supporters of the cause it's acceptable.  The 'cultural' don't mind at all then.

The ones I've seen seem to be dressed up as morons?

That's probably the ones.

God I let you be for 24 h and you STILL squabble over nothing!

^^^^ another "off topic" comment. The guy should be permanently banned!

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Why Do Anti Israeli Demonstrators Dress Up As Palestinians?

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