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Man Told He Is Not British After 42 Years In Uk

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naomi24 | 13:46 Thu 16th May 2024 | News
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This is appalling!   Mr Shardey has lived here for over half his life, worked, run his own business, paid his taxes, raised his family - and suddenly his life is turned upside down.


When I think of all the low lives we let in and pander to, treating a decent man in such a way is sickening.  I sincerely hope someone with a bit of sense has a look at this and does whatever is necessary to sort it out - urgently.



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The law is an ass - but it's still the law....

Disgraceful state of affairs.  The Home Office need to get this sorted out asap & be seen to be doing something right for once.

This is the sort of thing I've talked about in the past. Trobiscite civil servants have found a case that is technically valid under the rules but in reality a bit of common should be applied. So they use a bloke like this with a loop hole to show up a policy that they disagree with. It's basically a na na nana na to the government. In reality the statute was never intended to be used this way.

In the mean time hordes of hostile invaders get everything for nowt. Disgusting, madness.

In fairness he is responsible for his own situation, he never applied for citizenship, just assumed it'd be granted.


That stated, he looks to have a good case for being an exception. I'm not keen on giving amnesty willy nilly to those who managed to avoid authority's gaze for a long time, but he seems to have a good reputation, he just didn't think of sorting out his official status, so why not speed things up ?

When it all shakes out he's not British, he's Ghanaian.

He's paid tax an NI for decades so he must have an NI number so they must have known about him forever. Trobiscite stunt to make a point.

There was a thread running a couple of days ago about the dangers of Artificial Intelligence. Much further back I warned that AI was not the danger and that Artificial Stupidity was the real menace. Here you have a perfect example, as TTT opined, of Ar.S. in action pretending to be correct whilst deliberately being wrong on every level. If the git who made or sanctioned this decision is not fired and identified then it is worse than even I thought. 

sound pretty similar to what's happened to the Windrush people.

Yes indeed   ...   and the Afghan aircraft hijackers. Perverse perfidy. 

Poor fella. I hope he wins his case.

I wonder how many more like him are being treated this way. 

Must be easy pickings.

Those with sense will have applied for citizenship when they decided they were staying permanently (if allowed) unless they deliberately chose to be an expatriate; so one hopes there are very few who put themselves in this position.

I think ttt has a paranoid tendency to find trobiscite conspiracies behind every problem.

Much more likely that it's the same box ticking jobsworths that have have had the common sense ruthlessly trained out of them just doing their jobs. 

They've always walked among us.

What does Trobiscitemean?

TROB - the right on brigade / iscite - a member of it

Oh right thanks. 


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Man Told He Is Not British After 42 Years In Uk

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