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Darwin Award Candidate?

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wolf63 | 13:29 Thu 16th May 2024 | News
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I was talking to my brother yesterday about how many teenagers (especially male ones)go through a period of idiotic behaviour.  This guy is a perfect example...





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It's the invincibility of youth.

Young men are convinced that they are immortal, and accidents and injuries are something that happen to other people.

Tragically, it takes something like this to prove their vulnerability.

And none of his peers will learn his lesson, because they wouldn't be teenagers if they did.

I wonder if he'll be charged.

Charming. In any event he should get a lot of "likes" for that.

I wonder if this is his favourite song?

Perhaps not.

I wonder if he offered any resistance. ⚡ ⚡

I'm sure he'll eventually meet a nice young girl who like her sausage crispy.

Watt are you on about?

Question Author

It happened in Elektrougli, just outside of Moscow.😄

apparently there's an electric fire coals factory there and that's what Elektrougli means. It's in the Moscow oblast and I imagine he said something like "Oh blast".

I wonder if he'll be charged

as long as they put him in a dry cell.

i'm sure we've all done some dodgy stuff, or know someone who has. one evening i assisted in conducting volatility tests, involving throwing various alcoholic drinks at a 3 bar electric fire.....

It takes balls to do something like that.

He won't do it again.

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