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Israeli Whistleblowers Allege Torture Of Palestinian Detainees

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Untitled | 14:06 Tue 21st May 2024 | News
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this follows a report by israeli physicians published in february which calls attention to torture and abuse of detainees from gaza by israeli medical staff



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they'll be beheading babies next.....oh hang on!

No babies beheaded by the Hamas freedom fighters.

If a lie is repeated often enough some eventually believe it.

looks like a BOBB fest! Funny the lengths some will go to defend barbaric terrorists.

As they're Israeli forensic people doing the work who'd believe what they say?

They'd want to put their own slant on things.

Back to the subject of the OP.

Torture and humiliating treatment, the IDF will probably say they'll look into it, sometime.

Perhaps someone can explain how they are going to find the hostages without interrogations?

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there is no evidence that these detainees are subject to interrogation stableford or that they are involved with hamas

Perhaps if the Hamas terrorist hadnt started their terrorist war on 7th October last year none of this would have happened.Blame the Hamas terrorists first and foremost.

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they were already doing this to palestinian detainees before october 7th

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Israeli Whistleblowers Allege Torture Of Palestinian Detainees

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