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General Election Soon?

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sandyRoe | 16:11 Wed 22nd May 2024 | News
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Some pundits talking on the wireless are saying the date may be announced today.

If you've weighed the pros and cons how will you vote?



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Pro, every time.

I will vote PRO with the CONS a close second.

Sky just announced 4 July. Unconfirmed though

stop it you'll give gulliver a coronary!

Question Author

Only a matter if weeks before SKS strolls into Downing Street to the tune of Things can only get better.

Gulliver1 has good reason to be happy.

I wont be voting Labour.  I'm old enough to know what Labour governments do.  It never ends well.  

Yes Sunak did say this morning "second half of the year" and people thought for some reason that that must mean the autumn. But the second half of the year is almost upon us. He must have had a private chuckle to himself.

Oh yes and I will be voting Labour although it will be futile as there's been a Tory MP here since time imemorial and that won't change even were there to be a Labour landslide.


For the first time ever in a GE, I won't be voting. I feel disenfranchised. I'm a Tory, it's just a shame the current Tory party aren't what I consider to be Tories. I can't vote Labour - I'm not mad - and all the others are also-rans.


Still, my non-vote won't make a single bit of difference where I live, as you could put a blue rosette on a piece of cheese and it would win.

Rishi or Robot?  Rishi every time.

^^^ same here

It's gonna be a hung parliament folks!

Question Author

Gird your loins.  As I write the PM is speaking.

July 4th seems very likely.

If I like the candidate in my area then i will vote green. 

if i don't then i'll look into the other minor parties

Definitely Labour 

July 4th, now official. I had to laugh at the announcement. There was Rishi Soonaxed, getting piddled on, like they will in the election, hardly audible due to some music in the background and doing some kind of comic sketch about Labour being being bad for the country and not having a plan. After 14 years of gunge, he knows about being bad for the country. Good riddance. 

I won't be voting ToryLite2. 

4th July is independence day- do we get to finally secede from Scotland then?

Carboard Blair is saying he's changed the Labour party in the last 4 years- perhaps another 40 and he'll be halfway there.

Safe Labour seat here,  so my vote will just be a protest against a hopeless local mp.

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General Election Soon?

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