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Farage Not He One Of These?

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DTCwordfan | 11:25 Thu 23rd May 2024 | News
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He's already achieved his aim in politics, why would he stand?

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because his intricately entwisted with being a politician and so-called leader of the loony-right, sorry 'Reform' or whatever they call themselves these days.

no he has read the runes dahling.

He was elected as a Euro MP and everyone loved it " I have come to close the euro gravy train down and sent you all home to graze at your own country's cost....etc "

he was NOT elected after 5 by elections and that cd be a predictor of future results

,( exams 5 and local elections 3 - to translate if you take an exam 5 times aand fail, you will always fail (= never pass). Prove by seeing who passes at go 6, 7 or eight. answer - no one)


Ah no real reasoning so you resort to the usual lefty tactic of name calling.

Oh well.

where is the statue of pompey?

(Caesarem) curia Pompeia ante ipsius Pompeii simulacrum tot centurionibus suis inspectantibus a nobilissumis civibus

IN the meeting house of Pompey, even in front of the statue of pompey, surrounded by soldiers, onslookers  and noble citizens

Cicero on death Julius Cheezer, De Div. 2.23

A little bit of Latin to 'up' the standard of abuse and name calling

Guess we have 5 weeks of this.....

I'm also not standing - cluck,cluck,cluck🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

//Guess we have 5 weeks of this.....//


Be thankful you're not American, it seems to go on for four years, starting the minute one President is inaugurated.  I recall chatting with a couple in the US who were so envious of our system!

Frit as frit could be.

I'm sure fans of TGL will excuse me using one of neologisms.

I'm sure I've heard that Mr Farage is in line for a top job with President Trump if he is re-elected, so understandably, he's not going to take up a job here.

^. One of her^

sandy - // ^. One of her^ //

Not sure what you meant here - ?

A-H, I think Sandy was just adding the phrase missing from the post at 13.08 - '... the TGL, one of her neologisms'....


I was trying to correct an omission in my earlier post.

The "most successful politician in British history" has stood for parliament seven times and failed to get elected. Why would he put himself through that again? Especially as he's gone on record more than once as saying he despises parliamant: which you cannot blame him for: spurned lovers are often bitter.

He has said he's more interested in helping the Trump campaign. As AH says, he's obviously after a lucrative job as some kind of henchman to the orange messiah.

Also: there's a danger if he stood he might actually win! He'd then have to do dull things like help his constituents 

//He'd then have to do dull things like help his constituents //

But at least he would rub shoulders with them (esp in the pub) which is more than can be said for most.

But never mind you lefites fun is spoilt, he isnt standing.

Depends whether you think rubbing shoulders with people in the pub is preferable to a constituency surgery ...

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Farage Not He One Of These?

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