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What Worries You Most Should Labour Win The General Election?

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dave50 | 14:43 Thu 23rd May 2024 | News
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As far as I'm concerned it's the lunatic dash for net zero which no doubt they will be embracing but will be a disaster for industry and the country as a whole. Why they think we have to lead the way I have no idea.



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That the majority won't be as big as people thought 😄.

If you think Labour are hung no ok net zero you obviously haven't been paying attention  


"Are gung ho on net zero"

i agree with net zero so that doesn't bother me 

what worries me is their support for genocidal behaviour in gaza and starmer's unreliability. he breaks every promise he makes and constantly goes back on his word. there are many individuals in labour whom i admire and who i believe have something to offer this country but the party's leader is a very unfortunate choice indeed..

Rishi Sunak this morning in his embarrassing speech in Ilkeston said "how can u trust Starmer to keep his promises to you?" 
But hang on: surely that implies that Starmer has policies that are worth keeping?!

Later in Wales he was asking people if they were looking forward to the Euros(!). Oops.

Its going to be a very long six weeks ...

In answer to the OP - nothing. This morning, Rishi Soonaxed was doing nothing but feeling sorry for himself. It's everybody elses fault and Labour will, will, will, er, er, not be good! 😄

Net zero obsession (we cannot make any difference even if we go to actual zero)

Illegal immigrants what we have now x n, Labour will just make them legal and claim they've sorted the issue

More wokerati and trobiscite BS

Huge direct tax hikes - Labour love direct taxation.

TBF though it wont affect me much really but some things do concern me.

I wish to be associated with the remarks of the last speaker.

13:17....I'm shocked😃


...I mean 15:17!

TTT - // ...I mean 15:17! //

Everything you said I agree with.

It's obvbious that Starmer blows with the wind, and his coterie of WOKists will tie him in knots.

Not stopping the boars and not moving in the refugees already here. No way woukd I vote for anyone who intends to encourage yet more of them. I know first hand the problems these young men are causing to local people!! 

Sorry should read BOATS

It's not just a worry it's a foregone conclusion, we'll end up again in the dreadful state Gordon Brown left us in.

Defence and the degradation of womanhood.

To add to TTT's post I am also concerned about how Labour will go with regard to Ukraine.  I know SKS is making the right noises now but will the Labours left persuade him otherwise, epscially when money gets tight to pet zealotry projects like Net zero.

I also have a concern that if they get in SKS will be heaved out by Momentum.

//the degradation of womanhood.//

Does SKS know what a penis is yet?

Another thing that worries me is what the loose cannons will be getting up to. Eg MAABOF Lammy, Abacus and of course council house barbie!

my mortgage will go up

Don't worry about Ukraine. Think of all those jobs in the defence industry: we've already upped our shell production 8 fold:

As for Momentum they are a group in the party at large NOT in Parliament  

16:24, probably, tax and spend = inflation = rate rises. Pity because we were just getting into the realm of possible rate cuts.

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What Worries You Most Should Labour Win The General Election?

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