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Could Former Po Council Jane Mcleod Be Stripped Of Her Kc?

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barney15c | 00:09 Fri 24th May 2024 | News
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She was due to appear at the horizon hearing, and indicated that she would cooperate. Instead she flew out to NZ or Australia on a "career break" in the full knowledge she would be called as a witness. It's been reported she will not cooperatine. Although this is not illegal would this bring not be bringing her profession  into disrepute or at least a breach of professional conduct?



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pretty poor behaviour, even for a lawyer. I'm not sure whether she's got anything she could be stripped of, though.

I think she would have to be convicted of some criminality to be disbarred (stripped of King's Counsel appellation).

But it is despicable that she refuses to appear at the enquiry.

considering that KC time is around £1 000 hr, there has been some pre3tty crap advice offered.

At our council ( not legal) a senior vice president said he cd not show us a document ( and sniggered coz he was impt and we werent) and we kinda had to be restrained from throwing He him out of the window. He behaved after that

Her McLeod's statement is available on the P O Inquiry site

She is probably aboard Baroness Mone's Yacht by now and the pair of them laughing their Bra's off drinking champagne

I can see Baroness Mone might. 

I dont think  a KC wd drink  shampers  and refuse to return - very bad for one's rep

One thing tho' The senior counsel (PO) (SC) and another went mad - and were asked tenderly by counsel for the imprisoned bankrupt and ruined:

"and did the stress of all this and your tender personality,  drive you quite insane?" and got the suprising answer

" No I went mad and that was why I screwed everything up" - -  Lawyer Senor Posho -  'Oh'


Paula vennells is jesus using 100 words where 'yes' will do - she has the whole day being cross examined.

and comes across as " altho I am obviously a highly intelligent woman, poor little me.  As leader, other people did all sorts of  AWFUL things I knew absolutely nothing about."

This week’s Private Eye Post Office Horizon IT inquiry cartoon:-

Q - ‘Are you here to give evidence?’

A – ‘I don’t know, I can’t remember.’

13.16 hate to say it but I agree with PP

there seems to be some misunderstanding, MacLeod isn't a KC

PP - // As leader, other people did all sorts of  AWFUL things I knew absolutely nothing about." //

That does seem to be the gist of her response - Sarah Vine listed every example of her evasion in the Mail today - it was stunning reading.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe that if you are in charge of an organistion, it's not good enough to say you 'didn't know' - as CEO, it's your JOB to know.

Odious woman.

no argument there, andy. There's also an amazing display of mass forgetfulness coming out at the Covid Inquiry

Maybe it's something in the water - but what's in the water these days doesn't bear thinking about...

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Could Former Po Council Jane Mcleod Be Stripped Of Her Kc?

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