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Rishi's Vow

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Khandro | 16:52 Thu 23rd May 2024 | News
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‘If I am reelected as Prime Minister on July 5, these flights will go.’ – Rishi Sunak

So should we take that as a double no ?



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if he doesn't get re-elected, presumably the flight that will go will be BA283, taking Rishi and his family to their new life in California?

Why not before that?  So far it's been all talk.  

I think he's using it as a carrot. Vote Tory if you want the flights to go ahead etc.

But best way of showing it's not hot air is to get the flights going in the next few weeks

yes I agree NMA but that's the only thing I can think of.

Obviously - but why would anyone fall for it? 

17:43 If the invasion is an important issue for you then you might. Labour will do nothing about the issue, probably send the Navy to pick them up.

The boatloads of illegal immigrants are an important issue for a lot of people but none see anything being done about it so I doubt theyll believe him.  Why would they?

Now we know why he called the election early.

It gets him out of having to make good on that promise, as he's not expecting to win.

Old Piers Morgan will be laughing, then. Not that Sunak will miss the £1K.

Calling an election now avoids the possible embarrassment of seeing record numbers of migrant boats cross the channel after the first Rwanda planes might have taken off. Better to claim an earlier win and not leave it to chance 

If he wants to convince voters that the Tories will sort the boat issue out his best bet would be to arrange with the mandarins for Suella to take over from him before the GE. But he'll have to act fast. And it'd still probably be too little, too late.

I should think he'll be absolutely gutted if he wins.

W.A.W  He deserves to lose.

Summer is always a popular time for channel crossings regardless. That was my point.


Turns out he's just another spinner of yarns, a kicker of cans, an empty suit, powerless to do anything of any worth or consequence.

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Rishi's Vow

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