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Woohoo another one jumping ship. When will Sunak Jump.

that makes 77 quitters (just from the Tory side). I trust Gove has lined up some well-remunerated consultancy work.

Politics will be poorer without him.


Good riddance, British politics is well rid of the slimy git.

Be careful what you wish for 

Very clever guy, sorry he is going.

Have you all forgotten the blatant lies he spouted during the Brexit debate?

Avoiding that Portillo moment.

Lansdown 9whatever her name is) is a  complete loon and good riddance.

Gove had something, but made a lot of bad career moves until today, when he exited instead of facing his public. Cowardly and typical.

//that makes 77 quitters //

Quitters sounds unnecessarily critical.

Sometimes people just recognise when it's the right time to move on and do something different.

If you're a Tory with a tiny majority it's probably the right time to move on.

Well, no loss i.m.o.. He was instrumental in foisting May on us and messing up Brexit.  Glad to see him gone.  He was in favour of even more harsh lockdown restrictions as well.

He'll have his nest lined and  his contracts lined up.  No loss.

Andrea Leadsom is stepping down now.

Sometimes he came out with very accurate observations, like when he effectively said that Boris did not have what it took to be Prime Minister.

I wonder if the Tories have had replacements waiting in reserve?

that's what quitting is, though, tomus. They could stay on, fight their seats and lose; that wouldn't be quitting.

They know in their hearts they have failed the country, so that is why they are avoiding their ineviable fate - losing their seat. The AB community who have been blindly supporting this ragbag of idiots, loons and talentless wasters can now see those protagonists go out on a wimper. 

It is an excuse before July 4th that theylostbecause the electorate had an unproven tory candidate on their voting sheet.

A bit harsh 

true, he was right about Boris, Hopkirk, not that it made any difference. But surely from the Tories' own point of view that must have marked him out as a traitor?  I imagine that he, more than most, knew his career wasn't going anywhere. Outing himself as a coke fiend (prodded by the Mail) probably didn't help either.

Can the last one out turn the lights off and put the cat out. 


If that was to me, can you state just one thing that Leadsome did that was good for the country (or even her party) ?

Is not standing in your hard won seat an admission of failure?

77 Tories standing down and avoiding their judgement by the voters, is really pathetic, and why the deserve to lose.

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