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douglas9401 | 09:40 Wed 29th May 2024 | News
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Obviously a canny business move by experts to sell a loss-making venture.

One might pause and ask why someone would part with FIVE BILLION POUNDS for something that's a dead duck though.

Not another Panorama or Dispatches programme for the future, surely.



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Why is it a dead duck? Delivery is huge these days. The high st is dying, everyone gets everything delivered. So the guy is buying a delivery business, sounds like a sensible investment to me.

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"But the company's performance in recent years has deteriorated, leading to heavy financial losses..." it's been poorly run. The guy clearly sees an opportunity.

Businesses can be turned around with the right stewardship.  What is being bought here is a business which has a huge 'following' which is worth its weight in Gold.  Building up such a standing would take a decade.

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In other news, man refuses to 'ave a day off'.

Isn't the Mail the letters side ? In which case that must be more a burden to try to run at a decent price due to the use of the Internet and e-mail. It seems to be something better owned and subsidised by government as a public service. I suspect a new buyer would have to look for additional funding, maybe from a government keen to not see it fail. That'd boost the return for the owners. The business already seems to be in a precarious situation.

Of course, given the fate of some other privatisations, he may just be interested in asset stripping and then selling up. One wonders what protections have been put in place.


The Czech is in the post. 

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