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Fine for not having "No smoking" sign

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jedimistress | 23:54 Tue 05th Jun 2007 | News
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You can now have a fine for not displaying "No Smoking" signs on every entrance to your business or workvan. Where do the government get off? Are they trying to generate more revenue from fixed penalty fines to replace the money they will lose from drink and smoke tax? Has an MP got shares in sign making companies? Why have no smoking signs and not no murdering signs? They are both offenses! This country is going mad. Does anyone else find this kind of thing absurd? We could never smoke in our office and we're not going to now either...sign or no sign. Why is this being made an offence?


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Well let's face it, they're facing a huge defecit in revenue now people are stopping / cutting down smoking, they have to make it back somehow.
It's against the law now to smoke in confined public spaces.
However, it's also against the law to steal and commit murder, but we don't need signs saying 'No murder or theft on the premises' all over the place, so it does seem a bit strange.
Still, I suppose it'll keep a few council busybodies in work checking for non-compliance.
..sorry Jedi, If I'd read your post properly I would have noticed you already made the 'No murdering' point. Doh.
Believe it or not, the signs have to be dotted nigh on everwhere to let the public know that this is a no-smoking area, otherwise your get some smart ar$e say they did'nt no this place was non-smoking.
Its like the permanant speed camera's dotted all over the country, you will see a sign {picture} advising you that speed camera's are up ahead, its the ''we warned you'' so prior to catching you speeding & smoking, plus on a legal side of things you have to advise people even if its ''obvious'' to the majority of us.
I imagine most smokers are going to try and continue smoking wherever they can and a no smoking sign is a way to ensure they are clear on where they can and where they can not smoke.

I wouldn't of said this is absurd, better to get signs put up, than risk being caught with smokers in your pub and no signs.
The law being introduced on July 1st is for the safety of employees in public buildings. Just like on a building site there will be Health and Safety notices such as 'Wear an helmet', 'Wear Boots' etc, then the 'No Smoking' signs are there to enforce the Health and Safety Law. Obviously, you cannot prosecute someone for breaking the law if notices are not displayed.
Obviously, you cannot prosecute someone for breaking the law if notices are not displayed.

So every law has to have a notice displayed about it or you can't prosecute? When did that start then?
Maybe I could have phrased that better.

The signs are there to instruct people not to do something, so if they are prosecuted they cannot plead ignorance.
Question Author
Well then surely it's the people prosecuting's job to ensure proper signage, not ours? I don't work in a pub I work in a tiny office. Should I have an array of signs for each offence someone could commit while enetering the building? When did I become an enforcer?
You became the enforcer when (1st July) it is a criminal offence for smoking to take place in your office. Or any other illegal activity. If for example gambling for money was taking place in your office, then the owners would be liable for prosecution. If there was a likelyhood of gambling taking place, your employer would display notices saying it is a criminal offence and that you shouldn't do it. Many pubs display such notices.
Question Author
I have no problem asking all our clients and staff not to smoke in the office but I will have a problem if some little hitler comes alomng to issue me with a fine for not having a sign on very entrance to my workplace.

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Fine for not having "No smoking" sign

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