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Human Exhibit for 4th Plinth

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China Doll | 19:00 Mon 23rd Jun 2008 | News
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I think this is quite a nice idea (and may even register for it). Do you think this is a good use for the plinth or would you have preferred to see something else?



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Well I love his actual statues - the Angel is marvellous.

I think it would be wonderful to be part of living art for a while - you should go for it, just make sure that you have plenty of friends and family to come, view and appreciate you.
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what's the betting you get allocated Friday evening in a lightning storm?

I must say I find all these Trafalgar Sq thingies a bit stunt-like. I rather liked the idea of a statue to a WW2 hero, someone who was genuinely important to London (unlike the occupants of the other plinths). The idea of one corner of the square being reserved for The People's Art sounds rather condescending. But then I am ancient and conservative in my ways.
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Ruby - T'would be a discreet, stealthy mission that no one would know about 'cept me.

I do like the asbos idea actually but I suspect it's probably not in keeping with my usual ethics. Ah well.

I sort of agree with you Jno but then I think this is interesting too. They are stunt like but if they raise awareness then in this instance does the end justify the means. (I will obviously get a thunder and lightening slot at about 3am on a Saturday night I would imagine).

And it could be worse, it could be a guy in a glass box.
The other statues in Trafalgar square are all military figures.

Personally I'd like to see the fourth pillar take a similar line but with a twist.

I'd like to see a memorial to all civillians killed an warfare around the world
I would like to see a statute of Corporal Jones on the fourth plinth. Hidden loudspeakers could boom out "Don't Panic! Don't Panic!" to passing Daily Mail readers.
How about another statue of Margaret Thatcher where some can go to admire her and others to use her as target practice, satisfying all tastes.
sp1214 - to combine your excellent answer with the artist�s original idea, what if old Maggie herself stood on the plinth?

I have my vegetables rotting nicely in anticipation!!!
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The fourth plinth should be dedicated to someone who has brought joy to millions through their hard work and talent.

Someone who has chosen London as their home.

Someone who makes up proud to be Londoners.

Ladies and gentlemen...there can be only one proper resident of the fourth plint: ty_1720.jpg

Ya know it makes sense.


You do put her on a pedestal.
Question Author
Splat, you know I adore your pixels and feel a sort of kindred bond with you on here due to our respective roots in the South London community so I'm saying this out of kindness and with your best interests at heart.

The only good thing about Madonna's current music is Timberland features in the videos (and he's on my sh1t list for getting married). As for the lady herself.... She's wearing knee pads and her bottomis boney. Her and Kylie have let themselves down and they've let you down too.

I think Haggisdj has had the best idea so far.
Will we know it's you China by using this php3

zooming in on you up there on Answerbank for an hour straight!! lol
China me old doll...thems fightin' words!

Serious idea for the fourth plinth - Charlie Chaplin.

Why not?

Does he have a statue anywhere else in London?
sp, yes, there's one in Leicester Square 6/69/Charlie_Chaplin_statue_in_Leicester_Squar e.jpg

Looks a bit odd, though - long neck, narrow shoulders - he always looked more stocky and compact than that, at least to my infant eye.
Question Author
He looks like a girl in that statue.

I can't actually think of someone I'd like to see in statue form there. I had thought of Peter Pan and then remembered there was one... I'm not sure musicians should have statues... Hmmm...

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Human Exhibit for 4th Plinth

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