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brionon | 18:36 Mon 23rd Jun 2008 | News
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Someone asks an aid to Boris-'Do you think many Carribean blacks will leave London for the Carribean now that Boris is Mayor ?'' the answer 'Let them go,if they want to''. He's now branded a Racist and had to resign. Should he have said that they won't be allowed to go ?


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No he is not a racist at all, so why should he resign?

All he was saying is, if they do not like it in London under Boris, then they are free to leave, if they want, no one is stopping them.

And as regards to him calling someone "Sunshine" is this not political correctness gone mad?
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anotheoldgit--Of course not Petal !!
My first reaction is, of course it is not racist, and he certainly shouldn't be sacked.

Considering a bit longer, it may be perceived as a remark similar to "let them eat cake".

But I still go back to my initial thoughts.

THIS is not racism. And I believe that both Boris accepting his resignation and Cameron in his defence of Boris are wrong.

It should also be pointed out that the person asking the question is a complete moron and has probably watched paxman for too long.
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this seems like wild over-reaction; I have no idea why Boris told him to go, but considering his own not-very-funny past remarks about picaninnies, he is probably desperate to prove himself anti-racist, even if it means sacking an adviser who has done nothing offensive at all.
Not racist in any way.

Sunshine??? That one I simply don't get, and what's really annoying is that a story like this detracts from real issues surrounding racial problems in London.

However, if I were McGrath, and that question were posed to me, I would simply reply,

"Of course we would encourage those who have come to the UK to make homes and raise families to stay...the Conservatives are not a party of division. However, we recognise that older Caribbean immigrants tend to return to their birth countries when they retire. We just hope that they don't feel anything but welcome here".

Easy peasy. If I can come up with an (admittedly over-long) soundbite like that, it's surprising that he couldn't.

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The principal racism here is this:

"....Mr Wadsworth had pointed to a claim by commentator Darcus Howe that the election of 'Boris Johnson, a right-wing Conservative, might just trigger off a mass exodus of older Caribbean migrants back to our homelands'...."

But of course, sigh, it daren't be mentioned.

The interesting question, of course, would be to establish just how many of them think it is far more terrible for them to live in London under the new mayor, compared to how it was under the old.

To the nearest whole number I reckon the answer would be, er.....0.
It's errant nonsense to assume that there will be a mass exodus of any minority simply because of the election of a right wing Tory.

Didn't happen under Thatcher and it won't happen now.

There are a thousand different reasons why someone will choose to live assume that the election of a Mayor is a significant factor is placing undue importance on the office.
Spot on sp1814, I see it as merely a reaction to an offensive and loaded question from a known activist. The only 'error' was in his ever-so-slightly incautious use of words, but he didn't have the time to think of all the politically correct ramifications as you did for your earlier model wording. I suspect he was itching to give him a smack around his silly provocative head.
Boris and Cameron have not branded him a racist, they have said:

(It was a)... "a lapse of judgement. We have to be responsible for the things that come out of our mouths. I know James McGrath quite well. I do not think he is racist."

So it was a gaffe, but not racist. Boris of course knows all about gaffes and what happens when you have made one.
I find the patronising use of 'sunshine' to a wind-up merchant activist to be rather amusing.

Not racist. Come on, chop chop, next story.

If �4000 cannot induce them to leave a few chosen words are hardly likely to do the trick. Someone once suggested a free holiday in the Bahamas with a one way ticket.
OMG - is this the first time in the AB news section that is seems that everyone agrees that someone is not racist.
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lol @ noknowledge, a budding proximity opportunist.
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Tue 24/06/08
12:08 OMG -

Let me guess er 'Ornamental Miniature Garden'? or
'Opiates make glad''?
Gromit, I do think Boris has discovered what happens when you make gaffes: you get elected mayor.

Vic, you're right... the interesting thing, though, is that although they're not blaming the adviser, they're also not blaming dear Boris, despite his cowardly sacking of the man.
jno - I did post and I believe that both Boris accepting his resignation and Cameron in his defence of Boris are wrong.

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