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Wasting Food at the G8

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carolegif | 16:31 Mon 07th Jul 2008 | News
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So Gordon Brown is telling us not to waste food just at the time when he is off to Japan on a "jolly" called the G8 Summit.
They are going to be given 8 dinners comprising sushi, truffles and the best food from each of the 8 countries. wonder how much of it will be thrown away?
I have a suggestion - why not give the leaders a Third World diet whilst they are discussing the global economies - a bowl of rice or maize meal a day would give them first hand knowledge of the situation and definitely concentrate their minds on what nearly half the population of the planet have to live on.


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excellent idea
Let's continue to throw away 4,000,000 tonnes of food away each year just to spite Mr brown for being an hypercrite.

And let's moan a lot about the price of it as we shovel it into our wheelie bins.
The guy definitely has a point.
I think a lot of the stuff chucked out is because of this obsession with "sell by" / "Best before" dates. There's the supermarkets themselves but also individuals will chuck things out for no good reason. There's always a bit of leeway and in the case of meat expecially beef it's not really fit to eat until it's a week past it's sell by date! If it's all lovely bright red it's like eating rubber!

On the whole it's a good thing to curtail waste especially when half the world is starving and the other half is overfat!
i like your idea Carole. excellent!
Question Author
I am not saying it is OK to waste food. I was brought up by my great grandma who believed that any food waste was a capital offence - just try leaving anything on the plate!
I agree that all these "sell by" dates are the problem. We used to know when food was past its "sell by date" - it went a funny colour and it smelled awful.
I used to throw things away after several days until I worked in a restaurant and saw how they kept things going for at least a week!
As to politicians - glass houses and stones come to mind!
i hate waste myself. i can't stand throwing out food. i usually give left overs to the dogs, cats and birds.

Let he that is without sin , cast the first stone ?
Question Author
That's the one! All we need now is to look in Gordon's bin!!!
I despise waste, once upon a time I bought loads of yoghurt ou of the supermarket cos it was really cheap only to discover when I got it home that it only had about 4 days before it went off. I then embarked on a yoghurt eating frenzy the like of which has never been seen before or since, and I still had to throw 2 tubs out.
The reality is that nobody buys food with the intention of lobbing it straight into the bin, I might see something I've never tried before buy it, not like it, if my Mum won't have it then 'll throw it out, personally I think it was a stupid thing for the P.M to say and he should have more important things to think about.
Mr. Brown�s comment, about not being wasteful in throwing away food, was not primarily to do with food � but the belief that the �8 a week that would be saved, would solve everyone�s financial problems (caused by the current UK government).
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Question Author
They sat down to an 8 course banquet including caviare last night. Why not something more simple? It really makes me angry!
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Question Author
No, but they could have had 3 courses, or as I said before have a bowl of rice or maize meal as a token gesture.
Do as I say, not as I do. Now he's saying there isn't a recession! Echoes of "Crisis, what crisis?"

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Wasting Food at the G8

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