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XL Collapse

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socket2008 | 10:46 Fri 12th Sep 2008 | News
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Why is the French and German part of XL continuing unaffected?
'the french and german divisions of the XL group continue to trade as usual'

The Brits have been screwed again.


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I have no idea but presumably (a) they're separate companies and (b) Brits have stopped travelling and continentals haven't. The tour operator market in Britain is very competitive, with prices slashed to the bone, which gives companies very little leeway when things go wrong. The is means that Brits get cheaper holidays when things are going well but British companies are more likely to go under because they make less profit when things go wrong.
I don't know the answer, but would hazzard a guess that these companies are still solvent and potentially profitable.

I don't know why you think Brits are being screwed - if anything it would show the opposite - we have been having too good a deal - hence the fact that the company is not solvent - it is not making enough margin.
does that mean West Ham have to get a new sponsor?
I came back from my holiday with XL on Tuesday - I'm so glad it didn't happen while I was away! I feel sorry for anyone stuck now.
they may have to walk to away games, 4get
I know, CAJ1, imagine being stuck for weeks in the sun while they sorted things out... hell...
they may have to play shirtless
Oooh shirtless....
I go on hols next week and my mate boked flights so am desperately trying to get hold of her
Just said in XL press conference that the French and German provisions have been sold and thats why they are still operating.
jno it wouldn't be good when you've run out of money to spend and have no where to stay and have no clean clothes... although you're right I could have maybe manged to rough it!
i'm booked with freedom flights does that mean i cant go?
oh dear looks like I;m fooked too
Oh 4get :o(

Well, on the upside prickly heat will no longer be a problem!
that doesnt help :-(

"If the principal for your flight is �Freedom Flights� then you will receive a full refund from the CAA for the total cost of your flight. We will be sending out claim forms to all affected customers."

You will need to book your flights again asap.

"Customers who booked flights with XL Airways through or XL call centres are not protected by an Atol.
XL�s website said all holidays booked through the company had been cancelled and the administrators would not be able to offer customers a refund." -firm-xl-in-administration/

do excel fly for any well known travel company?
Just heard 2500 folk stuck here in tenerife booked with xl.-And flights have jumped tpo 900 euros return to uk !!!
socket2008 Yeah-another conspiracy against the Brits. Have you stopped taking yer pills ?

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XL Collapse

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