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Mother and her down syndrome boy

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socket2008 | 16:25 Tue 17th Mar 2009 | News
2 Answers -Syndrome-Otto-And-Lucy-Baxter-In-Sex-Story--- Mother-Appeals-For-Girlfriend-For-Adopted-Son/ Article/200903315242926?lpos=UK_News_Carousel_ Region_2&lid=ARTICLE_15242926_Downs_Syndrome%3 A_Otto_And_Lucy_Baxter_In_Sex_Story_-_Mother_A ppeals_For_Girlfriend_For_Adopted_Son_

What's everyone's views on the mother who is on the lookout for a woman to have sex with her disabled son?

This story brings out into the open why calling certain members of society 'special people' or normalising their existence doesn't work in the cold light of day. Particularly where jobs or when it comes to finding a sexual partner are concerned.

Down syndrome's have just as much right to have sex as the next person, but would any of you?


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I admire this woman, she's looking after his physical, as well as mental needs.

He's a young man, with Downs, but mentally there's not nuch wrong with him,

Problem is, 'normal' young women would probably be a bit wary and reluctant to ave a liason with him.

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Mother and her down syndrome boy

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