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Teacher Not Guilty Of Attempted Murder.

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OrcadianOil | 17:24 Thu 29th Apr 2010 | News
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Teacher Peter Harvey cleared of attempted murder and causing GBH with intent, has been Bailed to return to Court next month.

A victory for common sense? OR Justice denied?

Personally, I subscribe to the former, it appears as though this man simply "snapped" in the heat of the moment against a pupil who apparently had been the ring leader in a campaign of total disobedience and rebellion towards this teacher and authority in general.
No doubt, the "wets" will bleat and disagree? Let's hear you all.


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I'm with you,OrcadianOil.
Come on people.
Yes the kid was a gobby little pr1ck, yes the kid set out to destroy a man just back off sick leave, yes the kid was the ringleader in an orchestrated campaign to hurt the teacher.

So why did he only use the 3kg weight twice??? He should of at least finished the job on the little broccoli!
I agree. A victory for common sense.
The guy had already had some form of mental breakdown and was allowed to return to the classroom.

I doubt he'll ever be allowed to teach again (and probably wouldn't want to) but clearly needs medical assistance not a punitive sentence.

I assume the kid has recovered okay, I hope this poor man recovers from his ordeal as well.

I trust that response was 'wet' enough. It's difficult to balance the laptop on the edge of the pool.
hardly a let off, he's still getting done for GBH. Agree with bob on this, the little sh1tbag had it comming.
Bob I'm with you one hundred percent. These kids think they can do just as they want, I feel sorry for the teachers. In primary school, teachers can't even put a plaster on a child now, let alone hug them when they are unhappy. What happened to England ?.

Disruption in class = fractured skull from teacher.

Some people either live in a world of warped values or just don't give much reasoned thought to things.
This place has one of the most annoyingly effective swear filters in the world. My last word wasn't even a swear word, just an insult.
Come on Jugs, don't be such a carrot.
//teachers can't even put a plaster on a child now, let alone hug them when they are unhappy//

so do you think children should be protected or should be assaulted?

You seem confused?
Broccoli is a good word. We know what you meant to say bob
I'm confused as to what Carrot is a substitute for McM
what happens if you write
Lady Veg
ahahhhhaaa thats funny!!
The whole class that day were part of an orchestrated attempt to get the teacher to snap so they could record it on a camcorder....well they got what they wanted and in the process ruined a man's life and nearly got a boy killed! I'm glad the jury saw sense and found him not guilty of ABH with intent and attempted murder.
Anyone that disagrees with me is Fluffing cuntbag, and should have their tits or botox nailed to a plank

Lets see how this comes out :)
I apolgise for the swearwords. I've reported the answer.
pmsl @ bobjugs. :)
Did you write 'botox' or something else? The rest, surprisingly, has not been filtered.
Bob that's funny. Zeuhl don't tell me you feel sorry for the little s**tbag.

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Teacher Not Guilty Of Attempted Murder.

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