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Driving only for the rich?

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anotheoldgit | 16:05 Fri 25th Feb 2011 | News
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/// CARS could soon become a preserve of the rich with petrol prices set to rocket to £8 a gallon, motoring organisations warned last night. ///

£8 a gallon, how much will petrol have to cost before you give up your car?

Will we see 4X4s reach rock bottom in price, on the second hand market?

Will there be an increase in petrol theft, with people storing large amounts of petrol in garages and out-houses?

Apart from switching to electric vehicles, what other implications can you foresee?


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its far too cheap if poor people can afford to transport 3 empty seats and a ton of steel everywhere. I look forward to getting the roads a bit clearer.
We'd all be far healthier if driving was something only the rich could afford. The poor should use the bus or walk
And what about shoes?
Why do poor people need shoes - if they went barefoot, they'd soon toughen up and stop whining.

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Driving only for the rich?

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