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maggiebee | 13:04 Fri 27th Oct 2023 | Jokes
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Not had a rant for a while; sorry, but I need to vent!!!!

I experienced the WORST customer service the other day at a shop in town. I don't want to mention the name of the shop because I'm not sure how I'm going to proceed. Wednesday evening I bought something from this shop. I paid cash for it. I took it home and found out it didn't work. So yesterday, less than 24 hours later I took it back to the shop and asked if I could get a refund. The girl in the shop told me NO even though I still had the receipt. I asked if I could get a replacement instead then.

Again this person told me "NO." I asked to talk to a manager now as I'm really not happy and I explained that I had just bought the item, had got it home and it didn't work. The manager just smiled and told me to my face that I was "OUT OF LUCK." No refund. No FREE replacement. Grrrrrrrrr.

I'll tell you what...I am NEVER buying another Lottery Ticket from there again!



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You've got it in Jokes, Maggie!

If not, report to Trading Standards - think can do on Citizens Advice website?

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Moorea7 it is a joke, read the last line agin!

You got me there Maggie  -- Rod would be singing "Wake up Moorea May"  🤣

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