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Rondy | 08:31 Sun 19th Nov 2023 | Jokes
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Lance isn't a common name these days.
But in medieval times, people were named
Lance a lot.

Job advertisement: burrowing rodent required.
Should I gopher it?

Quibbled over the price of Ulysses with the bloke in the bookshop. But he was having none of it.
He said: "You pays your money, you takes your Joyce."

A not-so-bright girl is flying in a plane when her pilot keels over. She calls out: "Mayday! Mayday! My pilot is dead!"
Air traffic control responds, "Don't worry, I'll talk you through this. What's your height and position?"
"I'm five-four and I'm in the plane," she says.
"Repeat after me," says the voice. "Our Father, who art in heaven...."



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