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Rondy | 12:27 Mon 20th Nov 2023 | Jokes
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What is a doctor who specializes in Adam's apples called.
A guyneckologist.

Had a really bad dose of flu, sore throat, total memory loss.
I was hoarse with no name.

Quizmaster - Where is Santa Fe?
Scottish Contestant - Lapland!

My mum died, leaving a huge collection of clocks in her will.
As the executor, it's my job to wind up her estate.

I asked my Italian friend if he knew what a specimen was…
He replied: “Hey, it’s an astronaut.”

I used to go out with a Swimming Instructor.
She was far too shallow for my liking.

My neighbour was bragging about her husband's new job.
"He's only been there a week and he has 500 men under him."
I later found out, he is mowing the grass at the cemetery.



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Love 'em! πŸ˜† 

Love the Itaian pal one😊

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