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Rondy | 12:58 Mon 29th Jan 2024 | Jokes
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I was in a Café happily dipping my biscuits in other people's tea and they called the police...
Said I was Dunkin' disorderly.


I stayed at a hotel yesterday and couldn't help noticing that some of the guests were continuously yawning..I guess they were half bored..

My wife dropped some ice cubes accidentally into a pot of boiling water and now she says she can't find them.


After years of surgery and numerous procedures, my transition to a woman is finally complete.
I’m Gladys all over.


Me and my girlfriend were ok until she started working in a mustard factory.
Now she's sent me a Dijon letter.


I have decided to identify as a can of deodorant.
Before you ask I'm sure!





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I identify as Mum.

Chuckling at the Dijon letter😊

Brilliant puns!  


Surely the guests were full bored πŸ˜€

Keep 'em coming, Rondy!

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