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Rondy | 14:37 Sun 11th Feb 2024 | Jokes
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I met a nurse who took me to Italy.
Next thing I know, she has me arrested.
And that’s how I learned about Florence, night in jail.


I didn’t win any medals at the international astronomy quiz last week.
But I did get a constellation prize.


A new edition of the text book of surgical procedures has just been published.
It's shorter than previous editions as it's had its appendix removed.


Just watched that new movie about prehistoric pigs .
Jurassic Pork.




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A guy walked into a pub and noticed a bulls head mounted on a shield in the corner.

"That's an impressive thing", he said to the landlord.

"Yes, but it killed my dad"

"Was your dad a bull fighter?"

"No. He was playing cards in that corner one night and  it fell off and hit him on the head"

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