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Which Expression Is Correct?

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devayaani | 16:58 Fri 15th Apr 2016 | Phrases & Sayings
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Can anyone explain please?
Which of the following expressions is correct?
(1) I have not sold it yet.
(2) I have not yet sold it.
Thank you for the halp.


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Both are perfectly correct.
both are correct depending on meaning

the earlier in the sentence - means that the time element is more important so 2 stresses the time bit and 1 stresses the lack of sale

In Dutch a closely linked language the time word ( temporal adjunct ) has to come after the subject ( I yet havent sold it ) and this is the word order in Mandarin.

well you did ask .....
what about Bantu, Peter?
Question Author
Thank you Quizmonster and Peter Pedant.
Thanks for the help.
My belief is that, by those who look closely at such things, the second version would be considered better put - I don't think the same people would discern much/any difference in meaning between the two.
(1) I have not sold it yet. Media URL:
Both correct, but I would say that 1 means that it is for sale but not sold so far, while 2 says just that you have not put it up for sale yet.
I'd say they are both correct but you're less likely to hear number 2 in everyday speech, it's a bit 'county'
The position of "yet" at the end of the sentence tends to emphasize it.
I'm sorry, Eddie 51, but that difference is not conveyed at all.

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