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judypark | 13:53 Tue 14th Jul 2015 | Crosswords
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I have a completed grid albeit the bottom entry 6 & 6 that is related to the theme. The letters I have are M O O N T E G O T B, I am two letters missing from 38 and 39 across. A gentle shove in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a completed grid, too - including the bottom entries, I think - though I too am missing 38 & 39 original answers - but I have no T's in the letters - so I think you may need to revisit your shaded squares/original entries.

I found the bottom pair from a list on wikipedia - there aren't many of only six letters.
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Thanks, I had gone wrong, the only solutions I have come up with now start with G and O, am I on the right route?
That's what I have. Though I'm still no nearer to cracking 38 & 39 - not necessary to complete the puzzle, but frustrating, nevertheless.
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Well that's a relief, not sure whether the final grid is to be alphabetically entered as the 2 separate names or a one 12 alphabetical entry. Any thoughts?
It never crossed my mind that it could be anything but the 2 names in alphabetical order - since there is a bar separating them.
I failed to find a suitable pairing for the one beginning with G despite having all 12 letters. The wikipedia list only showed me a 5-letter or a 7-letter name beginning with O. Any hint as to the year? (I don't submit IQ).
Likewise failed to solve 38 and 39 across.
The O one, definitely six letters, was in 1959. I didn't solve 38 and 39 A - I got the thematic answers from letters I had.
38. Grave sickness treated with mixture of sodium salts.(8)
Grave is the definition - unknown to me until I looked it up in Chambers.
A three letter French word for sickness surrounds an anagram of a six letter word for sodium salts beginning with N.
Thank you. I had been looking only for names involved in the activity in the top row, which I thought was thematic, but clearly individuals are also included.
You're welcome, Ornis. Like you, I was originally looking for paired answers (answers that were pairs!), but 39 A made me realise I was on the wrong track.
Slaney, no need for an anagram, the five-letter word is there anyway.
Yes indeed rabet, and I can't count either.
I should have said surrounds a 5 letter word beginning with T meaning mixed sodium salts.

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